Addendum to the snake story

So, I was telling Mike about the snake and he smiled and laughed and then said “Do you know how fast snakes can move?”.

“No”, I replied.

“Really fast, really really fast, faster than Gerrard striking a penalty. If it went for you, it would just go for you, you can’t avoid them”.

‘Hmmm…’ thinks I, absorbing this information, ‘not ideal’. Then in the morning I tell my office mate the story, adding in Mike’s addendum. “Yes” she says forcefully, “they move really quick [sic], like they could go for you as you cycle past, and just nab you. I’d be kind of worried about you cycling around with snakes”.

‘Hmmm… pt2’, thinks I, ‘even less ideal’. So in the afternoon I tell my story to the bank manager adding in both Ryan and Mike’s postscripts. “Yeah!” he explicates with passion “and you were cycling! That would have circulated the venom around your body! You’d have been dead real quick”.

“Really?” was my incredulous response

“Yes! Like dead! In the road! Without a car or a hospital, you’d have been really dead”.

Turns out Chris’ imaginings (see yesterday’s comment) were not too far from the mark.

No more snake viewings for me. I am all about the BUTTERFLIES, like the one that was on my porch, see above.


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