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Spaghetti squash with pesto chicken

Today has been an awesome day; I woke up with a load of stress and hassle on my mind, and actually managed to relieve it with a jog. Yes! My first post torn ligament jog. 35 mins of steady pace, with only a twinge or two and minimal swelling after 🙂 It felt so good I followed it up with a 25 min bike ride. Which called for some post-burn refueling. Bring on Spaghetti squash with pesto chicken…

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • 1/2 a spaghetti squash (cook whole as below and save the other half)
  • 6 oz chicken breast
  • a handful fresh basil
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • clove of garlic, crushed (or chopped finely if, like me, you don’t have a crusher)
  • teaspoon of pine nuts (crushed).

  • Take the squash and pierce several times with a knife. Make sure to go all the way through
  • Microwave the squash on high for 10 mins
  • Let the squash sit for at least 6 mins
  • While the squash is sitting, mix together half the basil, half the garlic and the pine nuts with the olive oil
  • Chop the chicken into chunks, and steam in a pan with the remaining basil and garlic

Oooops, forgot the garlic

  • While it is steaming, cut the squash in half. Remove the seeds and icky flesh. Toss.

  • Use a fork to pull out the spaghetti strands from the base of the squash

  • Toss the chicken in the basil-oil mix and put on the spaghetti squash strands.
  • Enjoy with a smile 🙂

Nutrition info: Calories: 313; fat: 11.1 grams (2 grams saturated), 13.5 carbs (2.9 fibre =  11 grams net), 31.3 protein

Fat: 43%, Protein: 42%, carbs:  15%

Suitable for Atkins phase 2, low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, Paleo / Primal.

Adaptable for: South Beach: add a cup of mushrooms sauteed in garlic, and an extra teaspoon of olive oil to the basil-oil mix.