Today’s dinner

Mmmmm…. so I used to be one of those bloggers who blogged what they ate, inspired by one of the original food porn blogs. But then I realised that I ate a lot of the same stuff day in day out. So my blog petered out. Now I have a blog that doesn’t have a unified theme, I’ll just write up food logs when I feel so motivated. And today, due to the awesome nature of my dinner, is one such day 🙂

Fasted training: HIIT plyometrics, 1 hour.

Breakfast: Muscle Milk ‘n’ Oats

Lunch: Jim N Nicks…mmmmm…. good. Hickory smoked chicken salad – light on the cheese, no croutons or dressing. Cheeky mouthful of cheese muffin 🙂 Orange for dessert.

4 pm snack: 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese with splenda and cinnamon. Handful of apple crisps. 1 tsp sunflower seeds.

Dinner: 9 oz of chicken breast (yes, it was a monster), sugar snap peas, mushrooms stuffed with turkey pepperoni & low fat cream cheese, tomato and cilantro mix, green pepper grilled and smeared with laughing cow light and turkey pepperoni. Throw a load of fat free cheddar on top and grill and serve with fat free sour cream. 500 delicious calories that have left me feeling a bit over full 🙂

IF I digest this 70 grams of protein (yes, really… whoops) and stop feeling so very, very full, my pre-bedtime snack will be ‘pudding’ – cottage cheese blended to a smooth consistency with splenda and cocoa (and maybe a dash of sugar free hazelnut syrup). Toooo good.

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