February 2011

Inspired by the blog Kelly’s Healthified Kitchen I thought I would do a brief month summary with pics – hers are very cool.

February was the month I…. celebrated a year with ‘im indoors… did my first ‘off trail’ climb down Peavine…. successfully kept Bala Sharks for more than a week… cooked my first GOOD baked cheesecake…  learned how to make a treehouse (VERY COOL)… ate my first taco… built fires in the woods from scratch… did HIIT plyometrics (ouch)… went to an 80s party… got to do biking on a decent bike… took a 2 1/2 hour Zumba class… submitted my second grant as PI… got ‘im indoors to ask to go for a bike ride (TWICE!)…. saw the start of the Alabama summer…. actually did something (willingly) for Valentines Day… nearly killed someone in the gym… taught the dog 2 new tricks he only does with me…


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