Getting married! Invites and venues

I wasn’t going to blog about getting married, it seemed silly and vaguely obnoxious. But now I am trying to throw together a weeding in about 10 weeks (yes, really) for under $2,000 (yes, really) I am realising how grateful I am to others who have blogged their tips ‘n’ tricks, like the wonderful Allison Crawford (nee Kirk). And so I thought I would have a go at blogging this journey for several reasons:

1) It might help someone plan a quick and cheap wedding

2) It is a challenge in itself to plan a wedding and ceremony across the continent in under 3 months

3) It is a way to keep in touch with all my girlies back in England. Times like this are hard without your Ma and best friend to go through it with (although ultra kudos to Clio and Holly for being so there on email and Skype it is *almost* the same… they are helping make this very special for me)

4) I like blogging 🙂

So, yes, 8 1/2 weeks means that everything has to get going ASAP – as much and as quick as Wes and I can tolerate. The big thing is going to be finding a venue, because we need to do that ASAP so the parentals and some of my best buddies can book their flights. The plan for that is to rent a lake house and have the ceremony there, in the early evening. The rest of the day will be spent with a bring ‘n’ share dinner – we will provide wine (lots of it), champagne and meat (Mmmmm…. Jim N Nicks BBQ…..) and ask guests who don’t mind to bring a side or dessert to share. So, we are looking for a lake house where we can essentially have a party for ~60 people. Once that is done and tied up I will definitely relax. But we gotta press on…

So, tonight is invitation night. It is close enough to scrap ‘Save the Date’ cards (a good and a bad thing). Wedding stationery can be hella expensive, so of course I am making my own! I mean, I want to anyway, because I love crafts 🙂 A quick trip to Hobby Lobby’s 40% off sale and for $40 we got three stamps, 2 ink pads, some cards and envelopes, glitter, embossing powder and a craft knife.

I wanted butterflies or birds, and unfortunately the stamp I liked had ‘best wishes’ written onto it, so the boy got busy with a craft knife and removed the offending words:

I got my stamp & embossing abilities out:

But the birds were meant to symbolise Wes and I and didn’t really stand out, so out came the blue stamp pad and glitter:

And the finished product:

I think I like it! I love crafts and making things, and this reminds me of the crafts I used to do with my Ma. Wes liked it – he thought it was cute and personal, and so I think this might be what we go for. The only thing I might like to do is edge the card, but I am not sure how. Ribbon didn’t work very well, and I can’t think of any other ideas.

3 thoughts on “Getting married! Invites and venues

  1. Clio

    Want one! Want one! Send it to me now dammit 😉

    I like. If you keep this up my excitement levels are going to become unmanageable you know. In which case it is probably just as well that the wedding is in June or I would simply explode…..



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