Life is one great, sweet song, so start the music

About a week ago, I emailed my favourite band in Birmingham, Vasa, to ask if they would play a set for the evening part of our wedding. I estimated about a $500 fee, and was excited as I just love this band, and have been to gigs just to see them. Plus it seemed like a nice, local touch and they are good friends with Ryan and Jason – two good friends of mine. They were free, and all seemed good. Then Wes and I sat down and had our little ‘rebudget’. One of the first things to go was a band in the evening. Wes had called a few local groups and they had all quoted a figure much closer to $1,000. Even for $500, it wouldn’t be possible. I was disappointed as I just love music, and especially live music, and it was one of the things that would make it more of a party for the evening guests. However, I had to remember that this was about Wes and I getting married, and celebrating that with friends, not about going into debt for a big wedding. It was not the show, but the message.

So, I emailed Vasa and said that although they were awesome, and well worth their fee, it just didn’t fit in a $5,000 budget. God was watching over us (actually, the more we focus on the message and meaning, and less on the show and frills, the more He seems to), because the lead singer emailed back and said he loved wedding, and would do an acoustic set for pretty much the price of the petrol. I played their stuff to Wes with bated breath to see if he liked it (he seems to think he has some say in this wedding – madness) and he liked it so much he said ‘why don’t we already have these CDs?’. Which is a very good question.

Josh Vasa is awesome – his voice is beautiful and he will be the most beautiful singer. He even said that although he usually plays Vasa’s stuff, he would talk about covers. So, we may just get our first dance, under fairy lights, to a live singer. Magical.

Happy! And – check out Vasa’s music. I love it.

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