Kitt-eh vs. Wesley round 1. Kitt-eh wins.

So. The kitt-ehs are kind of annoyed at Wesley. It all started when we were back in Birmingham and packing for the beach. I cleaned out the litter box so it could come to Florida. As I was walking out with the box in one hand, and a huge bag of dirty litter in the other Wes looked at me and said incredulously “Is that coming with us?”. “No!” I said, and promptly put the tub of clean litter in the car.

We arrive at the beach, and I ask where the litter box is. Wes says “I asked you about it – you said it wasn’t coming”. No… no I did not. I said the dirty litter wasn’t coming – I wasn’t talking about the box. “It’s fine” Wes said, “they can pee in a bowl” and produced a small red mixing bowl filled with litter. Hmmmm… thought I upon the ridiculous site of a pissed off cat squatting in a small bowl … Hmmm…. they are not going to like this.

Indeed they did not. I woke up the next day at 5 am to Wesley sleepily going

“My foot is on fire…”

“Oh, the kitteh is scratching to put out the fire”

“Oh, the kitteh is using water to put out the fire… clever kitteh!”

“Oh, Lekki, the cat has peed on me”

Then… nothing. Wes seemed to go back to sleep and I was like ‘well… it is in HIS bed, I am fine in mine… I mean, it would be kinda cruel but I could go to sleep and deal with this later”. No chance. When it sunk in what had actually happened, there was much movement on Wesley’s side of the room. Now I have a pissed off cat and a pissed off fiance.

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