Daybreak bars – chocolate chip crisp bar

I don’t really ‘agree’ with low carb bars. I think it is a mistake to go low carb and fill up on fake food — I think it stalls weight loss, I think it is bad for you either because I am suspicious of all the chemicals, or because it is taking the place or more ‘real’ natural foods, and most importantly, I don’t think it helps you learn healthy eating habits, which a good diet should do. However, in a craving / travelling / forgotten lunch box pinch, they can be useful. So you won’t see many ‘diet food’ reviews on here, but you will see some.

I thought this was great. Very little chemically aftertaste, and a great texture – the texture was spot on for a rice krispie bar i.e. it was slightly gooey (not crunchy). It also tasted chocolatey. I mean, it’s not Godiva… but it did taste of that cheap waxy chocolate you get a Halloween, which is OK. I have had some dire diet bars in my time – this is a pretty good one and I’d buy a box if them to have on hand. In fact, as I am at a conference next week, that is exactly what I am about to do…


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