Atkins one week in

OK, first week of induction over. I failed only on 2 occasions, and both times is was red wine (delicious, delicious red wine) that let me down. And both times, it was worth it. I lost 6 lbs, but managed to gain back 2 (TOTM?). I averaged 95g of fat a day, 140g of protein and about 35g carbs (less than 20 net carbs). It was easy to do while traveling and eating out a lot (I was at a conference) and amazing to ‘lose’ without doing much exercise. However, I know a lot is water weight, so this had better keep coming off. I am enjoying the food, but skeptical that this much fat will allow me lose weight – even in the absence of any real carb intake. It has also cut down my hunger alot, alot, alot, so I am no longer permanently swigging soda / chewing gum to distract myself. Overall, I do feel better, but overall, I am not sure it is going to lead to the weight loss I want.

Summary: -4 lb
Workouts: 2 resistance band sesssions; 1 dance class; 1 4 mile run; 1 30 min sprint session

Pros of Atkins this week:
-Never felt hungry outside of mealtimes
-Atkins bars are portable and socially acceptable; good to use at a conference
-Easy to eat out without messing up the diet
-Sweet cravings largely went, so it wasn’t difficult to stick to the food choices
-Plenty of energy to finish workouts, including my first sprint session

– I guess the food choice is fairly restrictive,
-Lost 4 lbs while away
-I did have one day when I was super tired (again, I think TOTM??).

Fitness model Jamie Eason is trying to persuade me to post progress pictures… I am declining! Bring on week 2!

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