Atkins week 2

Woo-hoo, second week over.  Was very easy to follow; with the exception of avoiding alcohol (how poor of me) – I had 2 glasses of wine last week, and 1 cheat meal in which I ate steamed dumplings, BBQ sauce and  1 slice of bread, but otherwise stuck to it.

I had a lot of energy, completed all my workouts without a problem, and beat my bf in a bicycle race.  I also had 3 lunches out (Jim N Nicks!), one lunch provided by work, one fast food lunch and ate dinner out twice – once at a Mexican, once at a BBQ. And I lost 1.5 lbs, again without any noticeable decrease in muscle definition (in fact it looks better) or strength when lifting.

One thing that annoyed / amused me was getting a bad rap from some of my friends for doing Atkins, when at lunch. Apparently it was hugely unhealthy and I was about to go into kidney failure… the people saying this were were either eating a loaded baked potato (loaded with pork, cheese, sour cream, butter) or creamy mash, sugary baked apples and fatty BBQ meat with sugary suace. Meanwhile I was eating a mixed salad (I did have some dressing… shoot me) with fish (!) I thought it was a little ironic.

Anyway: Week summary -1.5 lbs

Total summary= -5.5 lbs

Left to go: 5 lbs!

Pros this week:

-Easy to follow when eating out

-No real hunger

-Lots of energy

-I felt like I was eating real food, that made me feel healthy (purely subjectively) while eating it  – grilled meat and fish, salad and veg, some flax seed

-Wes got up every morning and made me an omelet – LOVE waking up to bacon, eggs and coffee 😀

-Lost weight while having a hectic schedule.

-One ‘cheat’ meal didn’t seem damaging


-No wine allowed really! Wine is my weakness 🙂

-When eating at David’s, if I had not decided to forget the diet for one meal, I would have had to ask for special food, as it was one meal that wasn’t really workable

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