Favors :)

Have finally designed our favors table. We are not having a sit down meal – just a buffet people can stand up with (like at a party) or eat on their laps, though there are a few tables inside if people need them. So I wanted some weddingy decorations in the house to set up (LOVE crafts and designing stuff like this!) that don’t break the bank. A favors table will hopefully add prettiness and to the atmosphere.

The table will have a white tablecloth with red rose petals on. To the left, we will offer a stack of CDs of Josh Vasa’s music, since (1) he is awesome, and it will make a memento of the day and (2)  he is basically playing for the price of the gas to get to us, as a kindness, so we would like to help him promote his work. Hopefully we will stamp the front of the CD insert with our personalized stamp, which I ordered yesterday for just $28 from Etsy:



Being a craft queen, and having stamped all my life, I am sort of in love with this stamp, and slightly at risk of over branding everything. But moving on… In the middle will be our version of a ‘guest book’. Given the informality of the event, and the outdoor nature of the wedding, and myself, and the fact that Wes and I first bonded over plant talk (he was doing a botany degree) we have a rough ‘garden theme’. So using an idea from Brides, but also mentioned by my friend Holly, we will fill a vase with branches, sprayed white and deep red, and leave a stack of white cards (stamped with the above) for people to hang messages on. We can then mount all the cards in a book, or keep them in a box later.

To the right will be our favors. I fell in love with (and Wes was semi-into but couldn’t deny me in the face of much excitement) these personalised beans:

They are a little kooky, sure, but at least they are unique – beans with our names on, that people can grow! We will put out little terracotta pots to go with them. I also wanted some signs to let people know what to do… we need a few signs about the place, including one with the ‘order of the day’ in place of having program printed. The programs would have cost alot alot alot relative to what they are, and the fact they probably mostly get chucked away, so for $20 we are just making signs like this:

Go to a charity or discount store and get a frame:

Spray the outside white and the inside with chalkboard paint:

Decorate as you like (we have lots of red and white [LIVERPOOL] and butterflies or bows instead of flowers as I am not very keen on flower decorations) and write on messages:

It’s a little different, and I might need to work on my handwriting, but hopefully it will be cute, and reflect Wes and I as a couple 🙂

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