Married in June… remarried in September. Cheek.

So, I was a little heart broken that there would not be a proper wedding in England. It had to be legally done in the US, to make visa issues a whole lot easier, but Wes and I’s initial plan was to do the paperwork here, and almost forget about it. Go to England, have a whole big wedding, and only consider ourselves married then. Wes was really supportive of this plan, but my Ma:

really wanted to be in the US when I signed the paperwork. So did my best friend Clio:

So, then I began to prepare how I would look after them, and it became a ‘thing’ and I even more than that, realised there were a lot of people in the US that I wanted to celebrate this life-change moment with. Because I met Wes here, most of the people who have been through the highs and lows (yes, the lows) of the relationship have been here. And, making the commitment was very difficult for me, and my friend David was someone I spoke to a lot, and helped me prepare to do so… it really seemed wrong not to have him there at the union. So, it became a party and a celebration… then if people were here for that they could have a ceremony, and suddenly I was getting married in the US. Which was fine, but there are so many people in the UK who can’t make it out and I wanted a wedding with them.

Again, God has provided (I don’t know why I am always surprised). I went to church today and came out to wonderful, and very exciting news: the beautiful church opposite my parents’ house in Esher is free (in September at such short notice!) and the vicar there has agreed to do a full ceremony without costing us the Earth, and without knowing us beforehand. Afterwards, we will have a reception with speeches and a cake and everything at my parents house. And amazingly, my dearest Ma is co-ordinating this entire thing (I am not sure I have the energy to do it twice), and so like the spoilt princess I am – I get two weddings. Although we will live together and will obviously make changes after the US wedding, God will be brought into the union, and His blessing into it, in England. I fully accept it is only with God’s will that I will maintain a happy, lifelong commitment, and I won’t consider myself fully married until He is standing with us in England.

All my friends in Britain, please come and be part of my (extended) wedding 🙂 I am a very lucky, and very bean.

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