Atkins weeks 3&4

Not much to add here on the update – it remains the easiest diet I have done, and the quickest way for me to like my body, or at least, feel that it is ‘mine’ – I never quite feel myself when full of carbs. I have changed the update to a Friday as weight is more stable pre- than post- weekend. I drank a bucketload this weekend (probably 3 bottles of wine / champagne all in all), and ate some nachos, but otherwise stuck to it! Huzzah! Eating a lot of chicken salad, fish, bacon omeles every morning (mmmm… GREAT thing to wake up to) and burgers on salad (broke food) and of course protein pancakes in all their glorious varieties every night (hazelnut flavoured, chocolate flavoured, plain).

Summary per day: calories: 1,600; fat: 80g; carbs: 35g; Protein: 140g

Workouts per week: 2* heavy listing, 2 * zumba, 1 * kickboxing and 1 * 40 min lazy swim. No hiking or biking this weekend – boo.

Weight: -2.5 lbs!

To go to goal: 3 lbs (Huzzah)

PROS this week:

-Dead easy to eat out

-Atkins mocha shakes are possibly one of the tastiest things ever

-No hunger / sugar cravings

-Lots of energy for workouts

-Cheap meal possibilities in a pinch ($3 for 2 McDoubles (no bun, no cheese, no ketchup) and a salad)

-Relatively high calorie count (if I eat more carbs, dropping fat and keeping protein the same, I generally have to consume 1,300 kcals a day to consistently lose weight)

-Deadlifts / bench presses as strong as ever


-I guess I ‘cheated’ once with a few Nachos, meaning the diet is 100% ideal

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