Sad update on the kitties

Dylan. Not a boy.

So, when I got my two kittens, the lady I rescued them from said that they were two healthy boys… needed some TLC but otherwise would be fine. I was planning to neuter them, but was in no rush as they are indoor cats, and have displayed no spraying  aggression behaviour yet. Bobby, apart from being a bit of a terror has done well. He has put on a good amount of weight and was is an affectionate little explorer.

Dylan struggled to settle down so well. He ‘escaped’ in the first week that I got him, and got stuck between an air conditioning vent and a wall for some 2 hours. He was extremely skittish after that, and took a good few months to settle down. He was less affectionate than Bobby, but sweet. He just remained very small. I wondered if Bobby was eating all the food, but as long as Dylan wasn’t meowing for food too much, or looking too thin, I really wasn’t too worried.

A few weeks ago he seemed to take a backwards step in behaviour – much, much more skittish, more scared of us, hiding all the time. But, I noticed, at least he was putting on some weight. A few nights ago I was watching him and thinking that he was such a pretty cat – very delicate features… very delicate bone structure… in fact, all his weight seemed to be in the stomach. Sigh. Cue a close anatomical inspection. The upshot of which was me thinking ‘Balls’. Because this cat does not have any. In fact, this cat, this young teenage male cat, is pregnant by her young teenage brother.

My plan was to get Bobby neutered ASAP and keep Dylan in until I could afford a spaying for her. However, my friend Ryan called the vet and I spoke to the vets and they just said the kittens were not likely to be viable. In a cat that young, with her brother as the father, the likelihoods were all for special needs kittens, if they were not still births, and a difficult birth for the Queen, which could well be fatal 😦 Plus, Alabama seriously does not need more unwanted kittens, especially not special needs ones.

So, poor Dylan. My friend Donna gave the money to get BOTH cats neutered / spayed and poor Dylan will have a termination at the same time. The only upside is the cats shots will come simultaneously, so, as long as they have some collars they can at least go outside (they have nipped outside when I am on the porch a few times and just love it). I am not too worried about Dylan – my experience with Russel and Ashley back home was that boy cats just take it in their stride. I am not sure how this will affect Dylan, but I guess all we can do is keep the back room for her, with a special bed and some treats and stay around her for her as much as possible while she recovers 😦

Russel and Ashley - now living with my Mum's yoga teacher!

The little kitt-ehs go in on Tuesday, so wish them luck. I would kinda be funny, and I found it so, until I thought about how sad this will be for them. I was sorta hoping Dylan would miraculously give birth and I would come home to a healthy cat and healthy kittens which I would magically find a home for. But, I know it is best this way really.

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