Thank you notes

So, I am lucky enough to already have a lot to thank people for – my bachelorette was perfect (and the topic of an upcoming post) and I got wonderful, wonderful gifts. So, now I got an excuse to trial out the ‘thank you’ notes I will be making. Given that I may need to make quite a lot, I wanted to keep them simple. Using my new stamp (which I could not resist as it was on sale in Michael’s for $2.99):

Wedding stamp

and black card (pre folded), hand made red paper, white card and two stamps I already owned (Butterflies… of course… they are inked on me… they are all over my study…. I wear them in my hair… Love the freedom they make me think about…)

Old stamps on white card, ready for cutting out

I just stuck them all together:

I liked the outcome in the end. So, this was for my two girls who went above and beyond with my bachelorette. But I also had lots of letters to write to say thank you for my gifts, so here is the paper I knocked up from some plain cream paper:

Thank you paper

Mmmmm…. excuses to be crafty 🙂

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