The kitties are alright

They made it back from the vets fine. I think they will be fine – very sleepy and following me around (on wobbly legs) , but Bobby even ate something and Dinah sat on my lap for ages.

Yes. Dinah.

I want to get away from her life as Dylan, as it didn’t go very well. Look! New tags for them too, both to reflect the new first name, and their impending new last name – it is a surprise for Wes when he gets home 🙂

Bobby in dopey mode

Dinah blissed out

1 thought on “The kitties are alright

  1. hollychristie

    So Dylan as a girl didn’t work out? Boo and I thought it was going to be like in friends when they still named the baby Chandler even though she was a girl!

    Glad they’re ok and their new name tags are very cute xx


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