More cat tales.

I know I owe everyone a full wedding rundown, and I am 1/2 way through that, with links to the vows, recipes and thank yous (thank you thank you thank you) we owe everyone for giving us our absolutely perfect day. But, in the meantime I had to share Bobby’s latest adventure. You remember Bobby, right? He of the pee-ing on Wes, wall licking, fish terrorizing fame?


He has now excelled himself. Today I got home and realised I needed to run to the closest store – it is about 1/2 a mile away. I put the dog on a leash and set off, amused that Bobby decides to tag along.. and along… and along. Walking with us, the whole way. Until I get to the shop, tie the dog up outside and go in – whereupon Bobby bolts in with me. I decide to ignore this and hope no one notices but Bobby has other ideas than discretion, and decides to yowl at my feet the whole way round. So I pick him up to shut him up (not looking like a crazy cat lady AT ALL) and proceed to make my purchase. At the checkout I say apologetically “Geez, I am so so sorry, the cat just followed me here”.

“Hmmm…” is the response “yes, he is actually a health CO violation… luckily I don’t see a cat, at all, just a stuffed animal”. I thank her profusely and scarper, collect the dog, and then decide I have to carry Bobby across the road. Again, I don’t look weird at all walking a dog and carrying an inquisitive cat. Once across, I put Bobby down and he runs ahead of us, stopping every 50 yards or so to make sure we are with him. When we go too slow (like when the dog has to poop and I have to clear it up) he yowls and yowls until we get there. He goes past home into his favourite alley, but when we don’t follow (but go in) he runs up to the door and comes home, sits at my feet and purrs contentedly.

Basically, he wants to be a dog. He has already freaked us out by experimenting with panting (yes, it is really weird) and he has clearly decided that he is going to act like a dog, regardless. Sigh.

Out. Of. Control.

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