The cleanse – not quite so masterly.

Well, my cleanse hit a hiccough. Mainly a strong aversion to maple syrup. I managed to have some for the first day,until lunch, when I couldn’t face it. By the second day, even the smell of the syrup was making me gag. After consuming only salt water, laxative tea and lemon for 28 hours I got pretty sick. When I was dizzy and my hands were white, but my lips blue, it was time to pull the plug.

I still believe in the value of detoxes and cleanses – but this one isn’t for me. I went on The Master Cleanse to break my bad eating habits, break my daily wine habit and sort out the fact that I was perma-tired. I still need to do that, and am considering eating only fruit until dinner time for the 10 days, then for dinner having a healthy meal (little or no animal protein, lots of veg). Either way, I feel way better after a salad plate from our local health food shop and some fresh watermelon.

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