Meatless Monday

OK, so the Master Cleanse was an utter disaster (although it did lead to my buddy emailing me asking how my colon was). Predictable, some people might say. But, none the less, I went into it with good intentions. To

(1) Clean out my body

(2) Precipitate a general cleaning up of my diet (less alcohol, more fruit and veg, less red meat,  more variety, less restaurant food as mine is always of the over processed cheaper take out variety and despite my best intentions I plow into the accompanying chips)


(3) sort out my general exhaustion and tiredness.

So, to this end, I have developed some new rules, to help me stick to them. I even joined Stickk a website where you pledge to stick to a goal and every week that you don’t, your money goes to a cause of your choice. You can choose a friend, a charity, or if you really want to motivate yourself an ‘anti-charity’ of your choice; so every week I fail, ManYoo football club gets 10 of my princely dollars (NOT happening). Stickk is awesome – join it and friend me if you like. So, my ‘guidelines are’:

-No more than 2 meals from restaurants / take-outs per week

-No diet coke in the week


-2 ‘meatless’ days per week. As I was inspired by this Johns Hopkins health initiative I call it Meatless Monday, even though it doesn’t actually have to be a Monday. So here, is the results of my first ‘meatless Monday’, which was actually a Wednesday. I ate:

Breakfast: scrambled egg white, watermelon and a peach.

Lunch: Ratatouille with chickpeas:



Ratatouille Recipe

1 eggplant / aubergine [see how multilingual I have become]

1 winter squash / zucchini / courgette

1 red onion

1 green pepper

2 cans crushed tomato

olive oil

2 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped

fresh rosemary, dried savory & oregano


Roughly chop all your veg

Lightly saute them in a deep bottomed saucepan with the olive oil and chopped garlic

Add 2 cans of tomatoes, then half fill one of the cans with water and add the water to the pan

Add the herbs

Simmer on a  very low heat for 2 hours.

Done. The great thing is that you can keep the ratatouille for ages, and it is very versatile. I added 1/3 can of chickpeas and that was my lunch.


A load of my generous office mate Stella’s cherries and an organic lolly.


Pasta topping

I sauteed some mushrooms and chickpeas in Ragu canned sauce and garlic, and threw it on some spaghetti squash. Dessert: Chobani 0%  and berries. Late night: 2 squares of Escazu chipotle chili & vanilla 74% cocoa chocolate.

Exercise for the day: 1 zumba class, 1 salsa class.

And there it is: the first menu for a meatless Monday 🙂 I was surprised, I wasn’t hungry and felt great.

4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday

  1. frank

    Dude, do you honestly wonder why you’re so exhausted??
    It’s nothing to do with “cleaning out” your body or your diet – it’s to do with exercising far too much and eating too erratically.
    Give your poor body a break – the last thing it needs is more rules and dietary restrictions. Eating based on rules and denying your body food when it needs energy is always going to leave it fatigued.


  2. lekkiwood

    Thanks for the help. As I say in the post – I knew very well it was from poor eating. But I think the issue was that I was never denying myself anything when it needed energy – just picking the wrong sources (e.g. ice cream, not fruit). Exercise though? Not so much, I am well within the government guidelines – in fact, well under since being married. Not sure why you thought I underate and over exercised. Putting on 6 lbs in 6 weeks should make it clear that is not the case though…


  3. Frank

    Fair enough, I’ll keep my nose out.
    But I don’t think it would hurt to be less hard on yourself sometimes!


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