Introducing Walter!

So, last weekend we went and got this precious little boy. A 15 lb Italian Greyhound. He is an angel, after crying the first night (I slept on the floor next to him) he will now sleep in his crate all night, meaning the house is accident-free and nice and quiet.

Crated dogs = easier dogs

He walks well, and is learning ‘heel’ and ‘stay’ reasonably – lovely though he is, there is a touch of ‘the lights are on but no one is home’. Bless his heart. He runs like the wind, and absolute joy to watch (and something I only got to see a few walks in, when he relaxed more). What else? Well, he is an absolute attention hound, demanding to sit next to Mum all the time, unless Dad should pet one of our other animals when he runs over to get love there. He is become quite social though, being cuddled by others when they are over. He is terrified of the cats (mainly because they hiss and swat at him all the time, I think)

Bobby has now become a cuddle bug and is determined to show Walter that Mummy loves him most

and loves playing with Donna’s dog Spire. Today is his first 5K – it is ‘retro’ themed and I am wondering if I can get him an outfit 🙂 He’s an absolute angel and is he a baby substitute? 100% yes 🙂

My favourite expression of Walter’s

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