My first official 5K

It rained, but here we are after some restorative Jim N Nicks 🙂

Back in the Uk I was quite the jogger. Every 2 weeks I would run a half marathon. Perhaps it is not therefore surprising that with no knowledge of pre- and post- race nutrition, nor the importance of rest, nor of not overdoing it, I killed my knees, hammies and all sorts. Hence really I gave up running. Until this week, when last Friday I decided to run 2 miles. On Saturday I picked up Walter and so did the same Sunday and Tuesday with him. On Thursday I heard about a 5K (3.1 miles), the ‘retro run’ and randomly signed up. I didn’t know anyone going, except Gabe who invited me, but it was one of my ‘I need to get out and do more random things’ moments.

Come Saturday I was starting to sorely regret this decision, and panicked about being able to complete it having not run that far in a long time, and having really only had a week’s preparation, and to be honest, struggling with my 2 mile runs each morning. BUT…. I did it! I bit the bullet, pulled on an outfit vaguely reminiscent of the 70s, grabbed Walter and went for it. I walked for 3 stretches, but made a pretty respectable 31.5 minutes (6 mph…. respectable for not having trained).

More importantly, I had a fantastic time. It’s one of the great things of living in a small city: events that are cheap and accessible and fun. I chatted to loads of people and met a lot of Gabe’s friends. Plus, Walter loved it! Seeing everyone made him want to go at full belting pace, not a trot, but alas, I could not do that at all. So… next time one is on in Birmingham – give me a call please 🙂 Walt and I will be your running buddies…

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