Beating ‘runners’ hunger’.

Post- 3.5K breakfast

So… I am getting back into running. Walter helps, as does the fact I strongly believe in its health and body-aesthetic improvement virtues. Running’s powers for this latter may be more than slightly diminished (in fact, fully reversed) if you (like me) suffered from an intense hunger any day you ran. The ‘oh, I ran, I can eat what I like’ paradigm doesn’t ring true to me as I estimate that on my 3.5K I will burn 242 calories, when for those 23 minutes, I would have burned about 42 calories anyway,.. leaving me a net calorie burn of ~200. This is not even my Friday wine amount 🙂 While I don’t *fully* subscribe to the calories-in calories-our paradigm; it serves as a good marker. Therefore, the hunger that was following me all day and lead to: 2 extra apples (100 calories), an extra square of dark chocolate (60) and some milky coffee (40) + potential other ‘healthy snacks’ throughout the day made the weight loss benefit much diminished (if we don’t count any questionable rise in metabolic rate then indeed… undone).

So… I developed a breakfast to knock post running hunger on the head. It required:

-Fast absorbing carbs as immediate sugar / a sweet taste helps me feel fuller
-Slow absorbing carbs to keep me satiated longer
-Casein and whey protein (for a sustaining combination of quick and slow digesting protein)
-MUFAs, for their insulin modifying and oft-reported but unsubstantiated appetite satiating abilities
-Caffeine to reduce tiredness, and there is some evidence that being tired contributes to hunger

So, to satisfy that my breakfast of choice at the moment is:

-32 oz water
-1/4 cup steel-cut oatmeal made with water
-Cottage cheese (1%) and 1/2 cup of 1% milk
-2 tbsp flax-seed
-Coffee (with the milk)

350 calories; 10g fat, 42.5g carbs & 25.5g protein.

The Science of this is unproven… my ‘fast carbs’ may well not be quickly absorbed with all the fat and protein (which lowers GI)… MUFAs magical health abilities over other sources of fat do remain in question… but it passes the ultimate N=1 non-Science test: I don’t need to eat until 12 🙂

2 thoughts on “Beating ‘runners’ hunger’.

  1. Matthew Loop

    This is such a great list! Runner’s hunger kills me. I’ve found that the water is probably the most important thing for me. Keeps my energy up by not being dehydrated (tired eating), and keeps me full if I drink enough.


  2. lekkiwood

    Spot on Matthew – keeping up H2O levels can make a huge difference… You can apply these principles (in larger quantities) for dinner too I think – maybe without the caffeine


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