I’ve gone viral!! And an interesting article on obesity

So, I received an email today from a very nice guy (which I will respond to soon); he had seen a viral picture, that was attributed to me, but could not find it on my blog. I am not sure how he found it: possibly from my officemate’s blog, or possibly passed on by on of the number of people who I emailed it to. But, I must be honest and ‘fess up. I sadly didn’t create this picture – I just spent enough time trawling the internet to find it. Here is said picture, with the correct affiliation:

How Academics See Each Other

Sadly... so true, so very true.

By Marcus Sotak, sadly not Lekki Wood. Click on the image for the full size.

Speaking of my officemate’s blog… I noticed that hers was way more… er… Scientifically orientated than mine. And that mine was full of animals and diets (oh the shame). She said that my blog was a ‘guilty pleasure to her’ – something I took (as intended) as a total compliment – I LOVE hearing that people read my blog, even more so that they enjoy it. In turn, Stella’s blog  is my way of feeling clever for the day and having something to say over dinner 😉 But, Stella also pointed out that I am always talking about interesting studies and articles,  and that those could be shared here. So, I am sharing an article I found yesterday that is very well written and interesting.

It covers the causes of obesity, from the point of view of how we each form opinions about why obesity is so prevalent.

Its main points (to me) were that:

  • There are many, many causes of obesity and
  • The etiology (causes) of obesity are extremely diverse: what it true for one person, is not true for the others.

So far, so obvious, perhaps. But then it asks why many of us have such unscientific views of the causes of obesity. We all hold these beliefs very dear to ourselves, but they are often formed from illogical reasoning. For example – you go on a low carbohydrate diet… you lose weight…. you conclude that carbohydrates were to blame for you initial weight gain. As the article points out, when you take Advil for a headache, and the headache goes away, you don’t conclude that lack of Advil caused your headache. It also asks why even scientists hold these universal views so dear in the face of much conflicting evidence: that carbohydrates cause obesity when many slim individuals and even groups of people eat a high carbohydrate diet and stay slim (like the Kitavans). Same with fat…

So, it is thought-provoking and a great wake up call, and much more eloquent and depth than I have done justice to here. Enjoy:


A picture of Walter being ridiculous to show that I don't take myself too seriously... yet...

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