Misinterpretations and mass media hysteria

Need a laugh? This article writes a very amusing and light hearted article satirizing how the media misrepresent Science findings. It nicely combines an easy readability and laugh out aloud moments, with a serious point. Its a timely reminder to all of us to be wary of believing what we read. And a nice example of cutting British humour.

US friends: The Daily Mail is our National Enquirer – but it actually tries to report ‘news’ not just celeb stuff.

Kudos Martin Robbins


For anyone interested in following the pre-story behind this, i.e Susan Greenfield’s horrendous article in New Scienist, the wonderful (and Intellectual Crush worthy) Dorothy Bishop provides an intelligent and reasoned, yet passionate summary and the responses to said summary.

Timely reminders to us all about minding what we say and applying critical reason to what we read. Indeed, as my mentor David Allison has been saying recently: one of the best things Scientists can do is remind themselves, regularly, why they got into Science. That should set you straight 🙂

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