Birmingham’s best workout.

I missed zumba as I was truck hunting today, and I couldn’t run due to a strained abductor muscle and 10 mile hike tomorrow. But, I got a new workout – building my bed at South Avondale’s Community Garden. See this huge hole in a mountain of rock hard dirt?

Yup, I hacked at it with an axe, shoveled it into a wheelbarrow, pushed it over to a bed and shoveled it in. For 2 hours. All to create this:

I must be mad 🙂 At least the surroundings were beautiful and seriously, I am proud and honoured to be part of such a wonderful community project, aimed at raising food awareness, supporting up-cycling, encouraging growing you own food, and just making Birmingham (more) beautiful. I love projects that encourage community, and sharing and pride one’s neighborhood. And where I can, I will help with these. Plus, Walter loved having a fenced in space to explore and run about it.

A huge thank you to Chris and all she does to keep this going.

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