Week 1 of DAMY Health

Woo hoo! I have successfully completed the first week of what Wes calls “The most sensible diet [I] have ever been on”.  I can’t share my progress as we’re not supposed to weigh or measure ourselves for the first 2 weeks, which I think is a good thing. Although we do have to share our ‘progress pictures’ with Amy. Eeeek! Accountability in its highest form. I personally feel slimmer, and I am pretty sure the trousers I am wearing today (which OK, still have a muffin top, and still leave red welts at the waistband, but whatever) I couldn’t even do up last Thursday. Overall, I feel extremely positive about his diet (or maybe I am supposed to be calling in ‘new way of eating’?).

A light supper anyone?

The biggest thing I have learned is portion control. Seriously. Given that I was eating pretty clean before, I would say this could account for 85% of my 25 lb weight gain. It would be nothing for me, previously, to eat 2 chicken breasts (no skin) for dinner. That is 16 oz. Amy has me eating 4 oz. And I am not hungry. I have also learned not to be too scared of any macronutrient (like fat, or carbohydrate) but to focus on making balanced daily intakes from healthy, fresh foods.

Overall positive points:

*The food is great – I can be quite limited in my cooking ideas, but Amy sends out really yummy and easy recipe ideas. And there are ‘decadent’ foods allowed daily like a Larabar or a banana with PB.

*I actually have manageable hunger. I have been able to stop eating all the frikkin’ time. I have been able to stop thinking about food all the time, and actually concentrate on work.

*I have been able to complete a lot of workouts, and my energy levels have not suffered.

*Broken my gum and diet coke addiction! (Well, stayed off those two for a whole week without too much difficulty).

*No banned food groups – woo hoo. Likely if you want something, you’ll be able to have it soon.

*The food is clearly ‘healthy’. I don’t think a nutritionist in the world would disagree with any aspect of the plan, which makes me feel good. I think the only question they may have is the relatively low caloric intake (~1,400 a day), but as I don’t feel hungry and feel I am getting all the nutrients I need I am not worried.

*The workouts are short. The weights take me 20-30 mins. The cardio is capped at 30 mins (I do more as I am training for a half marathon).

*Amy is wonderful. When I forgot to bring my workout to work… she emailed it to me. When I messed up my eating times, she fixed it and got me back on track. She is positive and encouraging and sunny, and I am really looking forward to working with her as I complete this program.

*I found it very easy to stick to the program 100%.

Negative points this week:

*No alcohol. You can have one glass of wine once a week in this ‘phase’ if you like, but I didn’t bother.

*I wonder if my grocery bill went up a little? It seemed expensive, but I was not buying gum and diet coke in between, nor eating out at all, so it might have balanced out.

*It is pretty strict. I am not sure you can eat out on it, except for your once-a-week ‘treat’ meal. I am not sure what I would do if a friend invited me over.

*I wonder how sustainable this long term, mainly for the above reason. But, I do trust that Amy will help me figure out something that works for me long term with my lifestyle.

So, overall, you can see that the positives far outweigh the negatives 🙂 Anyone interested can contact Amy, or read about the program here.

Oh, and those starting stats? Ahem. OK.

Weight: 143 lbs.

Chest: 38″

Waist: 30″

Hips: 38″.    Not terrible, but not me 🙂

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