One Tough Mudder (in the making)

Not so much of this anymore I guess.

I am used to the uhhh… “enthusiasm?” of Americans. “Come for a hike,” they yell, and off we go on a WALK. “I know where you live,” they sing “Up that mountain”. If they mean the HILL then yes, yes I do. So, when I signed up for Tough Mudder, billed as ‘probably the toughest race on the planet’, I wasn’t too worried. Sure there was talk of walls to climb over… 12 mile distances and something about electric shocks, but I wasn’t really that worried.

Until I started to talk to people around me. Or more to the point, when they found out I was doing Tough Mudder they wanted to talk to me (after eyeing me nervously). Many people expressed their concern, eventually even the guy in GNC seemed concerned: “I know someone who did that… once”. He said. “Have you seen the people who do that? They’re like… military types… ” *eyes me dubiously* “it’s a lot of work… many people don’t finish it “. Which, whaddya know, is actually true. 25% in fact. Which has sort of started to give me the willies.

A picture from Tough Mudder. Well. That makes me feel good then.

So, I panicked for a few days… then I took a new tactic: I will use this as a challenge! And adventure! I’ll train for it! I’ll train properly and probably win the whole thing, and give up Science and become a runner and I’ll always be able to eat whatever I like, whenever I like AND stay super thin because I’ll be burning so up so much, and I’ll develop those lovely lean muscles that runners have and I’ll probably end up on a magazine and Taylor Lautner will see me, fall instantly in love and marry me, and we’d both have those big white shiny perfect smiles that Americans have and 3 children: 2 boys and girl and a huge house and white picket fence and I don’t think anything would ever trouble or worry me again.

Taylor Lautner. Or as I like to call him: "Mr Frazier-Wood". See, now I don't know if it is morally better to include or exclude my current, sorry, I mean actual, husbands name when I plot to marry a 17 year old.

Seriously… I have approached my new fitness plan with that much enthusiasm.

At least it will give me something new to blog about 🙂

So, I think I need to be able to comfortably run a half marathon – that is my main goal, and I will work hard on my upper body strength when I have adjusted to pushing the cardio. My current plan is the Runners’ World half marathon for beginners plan, and the DAMY workout:

Training Week 1:

Thursday:  45 min kickboxing

Friday – am: Timed 5K. Goal: Speed [34 minutes… oh dear]. Pm: 20 minutes weights (DAMY workout)

Saturday – 6 mile run. Goal: Endurance, just to complete it

Sunday -Blissfull, blissful rest.

Monday: am: 4 miles HIIT. Pm: Weights (20 min DAMY workout)

Tues: More rest.

Weds: am: 4 mile jog; 4 mile HIIT (I completed only 3 miles of the HIIT; briskly walked the last mile). Pm: Weights (DAMY leg work out; not completed this week as I was exhausted)

Phew. So, I am trying to be very careful not to overtrain, especially as I am eating for fat loss at the moment. My goals for next week are to repeat this weeks’ workout (as it was quite a challenge) and complete 2 any of three:

1. Improve 5K time below 30 mins

2. Walk for less of the 6 mile jog (hopefully see an improvement in time)

3. Complete more of the 8 mile slow and steady / HIIT mix-up.

and to work in some weights for my legs.

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