One step closer to a Tough Mudder.

Eeeek, I was just sent a blog about the Tough Mudder race. Sure, there was talk about skipping obstacles and some happy-go-lucky

“I would encourage anyone to try this out. … I loved the spirit present in the race. … I loved this race…and you might too!”

talk at the end, but there was also talk of water with ice in, tiny tunnels, smoke filled obstacles and such. I am more skeered than ever. Let’s just be glad I met, in fact exceeded (woo!!) all my goals this week. I am assuming that my traning schedule is on point with my fitness and nutrition:

Complete 2 any of 3:

1. Improve 5K time below 30 mins (29.5 mins)

2. Walk for less of the 6 mile jog (HUGE improvement; almost no walking)

3. Complete more of the 8 mile slow and steady / HIIT mix-up. (did it all. Oh yes baby, I sprinted back to my house. And collapsed. But I sprinted none the less).

and to work in some weights for my legs. (DONE!) Ha!

My training went like this:

Thursday:  45 min kickboxing

Friday – am: Timed 5K. Goal: Speed Pm: 20 minutes weights (DAMY workout)

Saturday – light biking

Sunday – 6 mile run. Goal: Endurance

Monday: am: 4 miles HIIT. Pm: Weights (20 min DAMY workout)

Tues: More rest.

Weds: am: 4 mile jog; 4 mile HIIT Pm: Weights (DAMY leg work out)

Goal next week:

Maintain all my times, and turn that 6 miler into a 7 miler (or more?). I (and Gabe, Andrea and Andrew) CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!!!

4 thoughts on “One step closer to a Tough Mudder.

  1. keyalus

    We only really skipped the obstacles at the end because they looked a little shutdown really (and yeah we were tired too). We were in the last start wave and what was a mud pt the first go round was all dried up at the end of the day. When we went through one obstacle at the start of the race they had guys with hoses trying to shoot us down a muddy hill. On the way back those guys were packing up. It made things kind of confusing!

    And yes it may be a bit happy go lucky, but if my sister can get through it you can too. You hit the gym way more than she does!


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