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Christmas 2011

45 mins left of one of the best Christmases in a while. One of my favorite blogs is Healthy Tipping Point (a point Amy Layne helped me reach a while back and the subject of a different blog post, yet to come) and HTP suggested we write up Christmas in the style of ‘A Day in the Life’. I kinda liked that – so here we go.

Chocolate-covered pecan toffee

12.01 am Technically we wished in Christmas the night before. I gave Wesley his first present – some homemade English-style pecan toffee while we watched ‘Bad Teacher’ snuggled under blankets on separate sofas. I refused a present, desperate to save all of mine for the ‘real’ Christmas day.

12.02 am. Somewhere about this time, despite being utterly sober and really enjoying the film I passed out into a deep coma. Too much excitement.

7am. Alarm goes off! Very excite! Wes hits snooze and I peer at him anxiously until

7.10. Wes hits snooze and I continue my excited peering

7.20 Wes hits snooze. I peer some more.

7.21 Wes slowly cracks open one eye and asks if, perhaps, just maybe it might be time to open our stockings. Yes! How did he know?

7.25 I walk into the front room and Wes has all the stockings down and we take turn opening gifts. Santa lucked out and got us both the same number of gifts… Lots of Alabama memorabilia, PJs and socks for Wes; candles, bath and hair stuff for me. Score!

8 am it is time to get ready for the family breakfast and I suggest to Wes that we open the animals’ stockings later. He says OK, and then stared sadly at the stockings… And stares… And asks if we can open just one present, which leads to…

Treats for Earnest.

8.03 absolute pandemonium as 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 animals humans tear into bones, catnip, treats and throw toys. Earnest chows down on any food while a very excited Walter gathers up all the soft toys – his and others’ – and hordes them off onto his pillow happily. We get ready and make a fairly long drive to Alabaster for…

9.38 Family breakfast. I walk in and Traci is cooking up the biggest pile of ultra fluffy pancakes while Sid makes mounds and mounds of eggs, bacon and sausage. Wes and Traci’s Mums come and there is an awesome feast, lots of amazing presents and good company. I get the biggest spa package from Wes’s Mum including a hand embroidered spa robe which I am looking forward to swanning around in at home. We cannot believe it when

This was an enormous package to receive

12.34 comes so quickly and we have to go so I can get back in time to speak to my parents! At

1.18 we stop off at the Allison’s to play Santa to the children which is awesome, as I LOVE seeing kids on Christmas day ūüôā Then home and time for

Me in my Halloween PJs after being unable to relocate my Christmas PJs

1.45 a spot of lunch (fresh bread, cheeses, meats and olives) and a present. We try to spread our presents throughout the day so you can appreciate them and the day ‘lasts’ but waiting for my parents to get on Skype takes a while so we sneak in another pressie. Or at least, I do. Wes starts to get into his when

2.00 the parents call from Switzerland. My present had arrived but they had not been in to collect it ūüė¶ I am looking forward to them opening a gorgeous handmade wooden weather house tomorrow! We opened our gifts on video camera with them, and Wes got an engraved beer tankard, I got a 50s style cardigan and a Radley handbag (so excited) and my Mum had made us a beautiful book of all our wedding photos! Perfect. The parents were having a great time skiing and doing their thing and we chanted until about

2.45 so… Time now just to open presents slowly, drink some wine, chat with my dear friend Holly, and then at

6 put on dinner and I get my first stab at watching a movie ALL Americans seems obsessed with; A Christmas Story. It was actually awesome. Very laid back and cute. I’ll confess to being a little shocked at the racisms… but it was elsewise pretty funny in places. Not much of a story line per se, but a nice thing to sit back and let wash over you. We ate our Christmas dinner: flank steak stuffed with blue cheese and daulphinoise potatoes. Very lazy (all predone by whole foods), very delicious and then, at

8.30 The games began. My 3-straight winning streak at Connect 4 somehow ended in a 5-all draw. But I made up for it by taking the Jenga crown.

And that was it. There was more wine, Panetonne and presents than I have given credence too. And despite careful planning – no running! Terrible! Back on the fitness plan for Boxing Day, and the diet plan?? Soon… ūüôā

So tired after such an exciting day