Start of a new chapter

Us and our new home

Us and our new home

Oh, it has been way too long since I blogged. I have been sleeping a lot (A LOT), and that will be the subject of an upcoming post. As will everything that has happened since my last post: choosing and accepting a job, coming to several realizations about postdoc life, taking possibly the second best hiking trip of my life, publishing two papers, and (maybe the most dramatic and life changing of all) losing my trademark light blonde locks.

Most pleased with ourselves

Most pleased with ourselves

But, I will ease back into the blogging world, before full service is resumed, with a fairly easy post. We have had an offer on a house accepted! Signing on the dotted line still to come, but the offer / negotiations went smoothly and the actual signing should happen TOMORROW, so I am feeling optimistic, and throwing my superstitions to the wind and blogging about it before it is official.

We are just back from Houston, where we saw some 14 houses (all in one day!). We saw it all: a beautiful house in a neighbourhood so bad the realtor wouldn’t let me in the garden (seriously, he got all nervous and said “don’t wander too far” when I went into the yard, then panicked and went “Seriously…. Get in the house”) while a prostitute waved becomingly to Wesley from the corner. We saw a house in a beautiful neighbourhood that had scribbles on every inch of wall, and excrement (human) on the carpet. We saw a bunch of OK so-so places and some wonderful homes, that we were able to narrow down to two we were in love with and a two good back-ups.

The top two were quite different; one I had a really good ‘feeling; about inside, but it was single story and may have needed quite a bit of work. The other I didn’t feel quite so ‘at home’ in, but it was beautiful, in a better neighbourhood, completely redone for sale (complete with granite countertops and laminate floors) and a better family home. We put an offer in, received a counter offer and accepted, Huzzah!

So, it is 2 story. You walk into a large, laminate-floored dining room,

Large dining room

Large dining room (partially shown)

where we will have our new piano and dining table. That leads through to the kitchen, which is open plan to the sitting room.

Mmmmm.... granite and new appliances


The sitting room has a fireplace that we’ll never use in the Houson heat, and leads to a gorgeous sun room (with separate A/C), a laundry room, a toilet and coat closet. Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms: a large master with balcony,

From which I will read my books in the morning :)

From which I will read my books in the morning 🙂

and huge ensuite bathroom (complete with 2 sinks, 2 vanities and lots of space).

The second sink didn't fit into the frame (!) It is in the faux-granite top.

The second sink didn't fit into the frame (!)

Then two smaller rooms, a nursery

For little Firework when s/he comes

For little Firework when s/he comes

and my office / spare bedroom, which are joined by another full bathroom.

It is light and airy and quite perfect. (Don’t be scared by the bars at the window, it is actually in one of the safer neighbourhoods).

The garden is very pretty: beautiful roses growing up the back wall and a shed for Wes to hide away from his nagging wife and screaming baby the world 🙂 And a large garage for him too.

Man cave

View of the Man cave

So excited to move in, and can’t wait for y’all to visit. I have a video, but I have zero idea how to get it off my camera (!)

6 thoughts on “Start of a new chapter

  1. hollychristie

    This looks awesome!!! Love the en-suite it looks like Gabby’s in desperate housewives! Now that you’re not getting a doerupper does that mean Wes has to get a job? xxx


  2. Judienne Wood

    Amazing house – congratulations hope you and Wes and Firework will have many many happy years Mummy


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