Week 13

My my m’dear, how you’ve grown…. Here we are at the end of week 13. Hello second trimester! A little round up of the end of the 1st:

Total Weight Gain: 3lbs

Workouts this week: 4 (oh dear, last week I managed 6): One chest/bi split, one legs workout, one day of Couch 2 5K week 3,  and 3/4 of a dance class.

Books I have read: I love ‘What to expect When You are Expecting‘ – I don’t find it at all scary like many, in fact the main message I get is ‘stop worrying, start enjoying’. I loved ‘The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy‘. You have to take this latter as slightly tongue in cheek, and as one woman’s hyperbolized opinion (for example, she says not to exercise, which I don’t listen to), but if you can do that it takes a lot of pressure off. There is, for us Type As, a lot of pressure to do pregnancy ‘perfectly’. Exercise… not put on too much weight… but put on enough… get enough sleep… but perform like a rockstar at work… never even look at a drug… and so on. The Girlfriend’s Guide basically says: most pregnancies turn out the same way in the long run: the weight goes on… the weight comes off… epidural or no, you have a baby and you take it home. Relax. It emphasizes that the only ‘perfect’ pregnancy is one where you deliver a child at the end of it. If you need anti nausea drugs to get there: so be it.  If you need pain relief: who cares? There is no plaque for going au naturel. I loved it, as it chilled me out.

Low points:

(1) Going for a routine ob / gyn appointment on Wednesday – of course, one Wes forgot about and so wasn’t there at. Honestly, I sulked a bit, but I didn’t really mind as he had been at the scan a few days earlier, and all I was expecting was *assume patronizing voice* “There there dear, how are FEELING? What are you WEIGHING? Are you SLEEPING? Good good” and off home again with a lollipop. Well before the Dr got to that, the nurse decided to listen to Firework’s (FW’s) heartbeat with a doppler. And she couldn’t find the heartbeat. I didn’t even worry, I said “Oh, it’s early and the baby is all scrunched in a corner of my uterus [I saw on Monday] and I am sure just hiding out out back” , but the nurse went all pale and hurried to get the Dr, who also couldn’t find the heartbeat. I said “I am really not worried – I am so bloated, and I know from my doppler at home that this makes it hard to hear the heartbeat. Plus again, it is early!”. The Dr went all pale and quiet and said ‘No, I should hear it by now. I am sorry, you need an emergency scan”. Then just left me in a room on my own for 15 mins, while she went to arrange it. As the whole atmosphere around the clinic changed (people avoiding my eyes) I went from quite calm to utter panic. I texted Wes who came flying down the interstate, tears in his eyes, at 95 mph and they lead me to a very quiet and drawn u/s technician who also could barely look at me. Well, she immediately pulled up a little pic of a very active FW. When I cheered FW did a full somersault! Right upside down. Which was very cool and made me cry. Turns out my placenta is in a weird place and was just blocking the HB.

Horrible but all good in the hood.

(2) Not eating dinner on Saturday night, waking up Sunday, and getting up to a head rush that didn’t end, lead to me losing my vision almost completely for ages and even when I sat down I started heaving and broke out in a huge sweat. Of course I completely panicked and flipped out, but it was just low blood pressure and sugar and lying down and eating a bannana 100% solved it and made me feel like a fool for freaking out. I was just passing out, but fighting it so it went on for ages. Lessons learned: (a) even if you can’t see, just lie down and (b) S’mores are not an acceptable dinner when pregnant. Fair enough.

High points: (1) Lying for my emergency u/s and having this conversation:

Nurse: “There! There can you see her heartbeat??”

Me: “No! Is it there?”

Nurse “Yes, it definitely is! And she is so active”. [To the u/s technician]: “We’re calling it a she because she thinks it is a girl”

U/s technician “Ummm… yeah…. I wouldn’t do that… it’s very clearly a boy”. A BOY!! I love it!! My future little MMA fighter 🙂 Yes, we have a name, but I am superstitious, so not telling anyone (except parents, and Clio).

Also (2) Being in the second trimester – woo hoo! (3) Not having sore breasts! Yes! (4) Getting lots of pics of FW (5) a reduction in sickness.

What I have been thinking this week: That I am feeling well enough to start eating healthy again, and I really have zero excuse for endless candy and fish fingers… or for not doing some cardio… Time to man up, and give FW a decent home. Also, now the highest risk stage has passed, frequently: Holy sh!t, this is actually happening. In 26 an actual, live baby will be here. Crapola… am I ready? Can I do this? Eh… I have Wes, we’ll figure it out.

Firework all scrunched up for our initial appointment.

Spread out and relaxed a couple of days later. Peaceful boy

7 thoughts on “Week 13

  1. hollychristie

    Glad you’re feeling better and so sorry you had to go through that big scare. The Girlfriends guide to pregnancy is a great book. I also loved The Yummy Mummy Survival Guide by Liz Frazer. Very jealous that Clio gets to hear firework’s name before me ;-p xxx


  2. theadventuresofpoppy

    Oh Lekki just read this and my heart was beating so hard and fast. Sorry you had to go through it but also some very lovely bits there toooo!! I loved what to expect and was not freaky for me either! I like to know what is going on!! Girlf guide good…I also read a Jules Oliver one I think which was very easy going and read just based on baby theme! First 12 weeks job! Now take it easy now! xxx


  3. Lekki Frazier-Wood

    Thanks Beck-ster. It was horrendous, and I think has made me slightly more paranoid now. But, it was only 15 mins and had such a happy ending. I didn’t know you had a blog! I am looking forward to reading it. Hugs 🙂 x


  4. Lekki Frazier-Wood

    Thanks Hol, it was miserable. And basically wiped me out for the whole day – I was exhausted and burst into tears every TWO minutes. But it had a happy end. I know re: Clio. But she is going through so much, I wanted to cheer her up. xxx


  5. tinita21

    Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing especially when a healthy new born is born. This month is Teen Prevention Pregnancy Month and Im starting on this site because I have an idea. Teen pregnancy is rising and I heard about a girl who faked her pregnancy and I am interested in doing the same in my school because I feel it can have an impact. (My first blog speaks of it more) and I would love if you could help me or give me some of your ideas or if you could answer a few questions if it was alright. I really am serious about this project and I want it to be as effective as I see it in my mind. I would appreciate it if you were willing to help. Thank You


  6. hollychristie

    Just to warn you my lovely, around 28 – 30 weeks babies can go through a big growth spurt and stop really moving for a couple of days. I ended up going to hospital to be monitored (monitor woke D up and made it look like I’d been lying!!) they said it was really common at this time. Other friends reported the same. Great that you’ve got your heart rate doppler, so hopefully won’t have that worry xxx


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