Weeks 14 and 15

Firework is the size of an orange now.

Total Weight Gain: 4lbs

Workouts: Week 14: 5: Two days of Couch 2 5K week 4,  One swim, a dance class, a day kayaking. Pretty good!

Week 15: 2: A swim and one day of couch to 5 K. Then they took my wisdom teeth out and I couldn’t move!! Evil American dentists.

Books I have read: The Panic Free Pregnancy. Awesome. Sushi: here I come.

Low points:

(1) Did I mention that I had my wisdom teeth out? And that I got none of the freely- available- in- America- delicious opiates (surely the upside)? Yeah. That.

(2) Fainting a fair bit and feeling generally like death. Turns out my ‘bump’ is growing well, but my lack of weight gain means FW is sucking the energy from my very marrow and my beleaguered body couldn’t cope. I just needed to eat more. Fine. But in my defense: I am used to being hypo-caloric. I usually ate 1,500 calories a day of which 2-300 was wine. So, effectively, about 1,200 calories a day. When pregnant I need a little over 2,000 + the 2-300 I burn from working out. So, I needed to double my daily intake. It is hard!! OK, usually not so hard, but a large majority of my calories used to come from wine… (it’s true!) clearly that is out. And everyone is badgering me to eat salads and lean protein and fruit and yada yada yada, and did I know that if I eat that donut it is now going to directly to FW and would I feed an infant a liquidized donut? They hope not, and so why would I feed it to my baby and don’t I know how many additives are in delicious McDonalds and that is poison too and why, for the love of God why would I subject my child to peanut butter when clean air and water is so much better. I need all this takes-ages-to-eat health crap and none of this calorically dense poison and quite frankly, finding the extra calories was hard. So, I just sort of got bored with eating and more or less stopped I guess. When I started again, it was amazing how much better I did 🙂

(3) How many people have opinions on what I should / shouldn’t do (I was berated for being in the SLOW SOFT-ball pitching tent / batting cage thing) and how many of those opinions come from people without a uterus. No uterus = no opinion. Even then, actually: Did you contribute sperm / an egg / time from your professional medical degree to FW? (I.e. are you FW’s Mum [he will never have a Mom] / Dad / part of FW’s OB – GYN team?) Nope? Then, unless you are recommending fun things to eat / buy / do or giving me cheesecake: chose your words carefully.

High points: (1) Clearly, having to eat more donuts. And McDonalds. I really, really love McDonalds people.

(2) Receiving possibly the coolest jogging buggy (stroller) ever as a gift – designed for slightly older kids but this thing has more gadgets and technological advancements than Wes’ car. Mind you, so do balance bikes.

(3) Getting a very cute baby present of a little swimming kit for FW: sunglasses, swim shorts and swim diapers. Ma loves to swim and our new home has a (communal) pool. Sweet.

What I have been thinking this week:Why am I so big? I mean, I really don’t mind, but I was curious as to why my bump appeared so early. Explanations from my nurse: (1) I am slim: the baby has nowhere to hide – not sure about this one (2) my pelvis is triangle-shaped, not oval as it should be. The uterus sits in the apex of the triangle, where there is less space than in an oval so it gets pushed out (3) I have a giant uterus. Not a giant baby, just a hugely expanded uterus. It’s good, FW can swim laps should he so chose, and I will be more comfortable for longer as there is more to cushion the baby movement. Sweet. After peering at my 13 week bump and being a little shocked, I bought these maternity clothes that promised to “knock off 10 lbs”. I think they sort of work:

Hello, giant uterus.

Good buys:

Maternity gear. Cheap $6-12 items from Ross’ they may be, but they make me look pregnant, not over cookie-d. Yay! Worth their weight in gold.

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