And we are in…

… if not closed. Sigh. Don’t even go there. But despite this uncertainty, Wes and I have forged ahead full of optimism (and desperation?) and started to construct our new home. I don’t know if it is a combination of Texas heat + pregnancy + throat infection + a little bit of burn-out getting here (travel, wrapping UAB work up, packing etc), or just the nature of the moving beast, but it is way more tiring than I had originally anticipated. 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon, in conjunction with 9 hours sleep at night, are not difficult to achieve. But, once I got over my unease at the dreaded CHANGE, and accepted the fact that the first stage of the process (i.e. furniture in place, boxes either unpacked or stored, stuff stacked in the attic) won’t be finished for another 3 weeks I have actually enjoyed the process. Setting home is fun, in its own way, and for such an independent contrary-Mary, IĀ  am surprised how much I have enjoyed doing it with someone else (and no, not because we are similar people, with similar tastes – we are both at wildly opposite ends of the Muppet spectrum).

We are finally in a place where we have achieved something – ‘completed’ rooms, as it were. First up was really my study:

Nice working area

It is just as I like it: simple, clean, and indecently full of plants šŸ™‚ The perfect place to work in nice, but non distracting surroundings.

Horticulture – my bliss out activity

My favourite new orchid

In the interests of marital harmony, and the knowledge that no man may be island, but Wes and I are both at the very least peninsuale we decided not to share a study. Wes kindly agreed to go into the sun room: the second room completed.

Ummm… normally it is sunnier than this…

Here the dogs have their crates (Walter) / cushions (Earnest) and all the animal foodstuff is placed. Wes has his working / Diablo III corner, and I have my reading nook. Generally Wes is more tolerant of my presence in his space, than vice versa – hence he has no reciprocal ‘nook’ for him in my study, although he is partial to sitting in my beloved Lay-Z-Boy.

Finally, we ‘finished’ the kitchen.

This one was pretty easy. Most of the time was spent unpacking all the boxes of cutlery / crockery etc and putting each and every item through a long and hot wash (it was all filthy). Although, a lot of time (about 3 half-days) was spent finding la piece de la resistance:

Another awesome orchid

Very American (in my opinion) and much loved, because finally – finally – we can break a three week + run of all meals being take out. We have cooked at home since, and even though it is nothing fancy, it tastes like a gourmet meal compared to all the McDonalds / Wendy’s I have consumed of late. And as for the fresh veg – my digestive tract and FW are doing cartweels of joy.

Oh, speaking of FW, he is doing well, here is my bump:

18 weeks

So things are taking shape. But the rest of the house? Boxes, boxes, boxes…

The door to Hell, for this way….

Madness lies.

It will indeed be a slow path to home, sweet home.

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