Blog help please!

So, work have given me a work blog, which they want me to write. Fair enough. I will say that UT’s blog set up is pretty crummy at the moment – although it is wordpress, it is hard to see archived posts and not very user friendly. I will only use UT’s blog if they fix all this.

If I go ahead, I am not sure how to proceed with having two blogs. I had thought about having two blogs before, but it seemed messy and annoying. So, I just mixed my personal and professional posts together in one blog, under different categories, but always wondered whether a real mixing of the two was not ideal – I wondered if I was turning non academics off with my rumblings about papers, and academics off with my ramblings about Firework.

So, the work blog could be quite good, as a lot of my friends are not academic and I imagined their eyes glazing over at talk of genes and tenure promotion. And some of my readers are academic and my recipe for cookies perhaps not their cup of tea (although said cookies should absolutely be enjoyed with such). But, I have got some really nice comments (emails… Facebook comments) on my work-related posts. And actually, the nature of the posts does not correlate with how i know the person. So, I clearly got it wrong, and the mixed blog was working well.

So now, I am wondering about how to manage the two blogs – especially as the work blog does not have a subscribe button. Should I:

1. Keep the two separate. Only personal posts here, and academia-related posts in the UT blog, and ne’er the twain shall meet.

2. Keep the two separate but post links to the UT blog entries here on the personal blog, as an entry.

3. Write the work blog, and copy and paste the posts as their own post here. So essentially this blog will remain the same, but parts of it will be duplicated on my UT blog.

What do y’all think? What would work best? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Help appreciated šŸ™‚

P.S. This reminds me to thank you all indeed for the comments you make – I love getting them šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Blog help please!

  1. gabinator

    Hello Lekki! I have asked my professional colleagues the same question about other forms of social media. There is no one right answer. Some folks maintain two accounts. I personally think it is too much trouble to maintain two accounts. I think the posts about Firework, cookies, and genes give us a holistic view of you. Your academic colleagues will know that there is more to you than genes and lipids and your personal friends will get some insight on what you really do for a living. I love hearing about your work, Firework, nutrition, your fitness journey, and even the Tough Mudder. I like option 3 the best but you should do what is easiest!


  2. Tony Lamb


    Well, it’s a work blog. The value of the two blogs might be different. You need to find out what UT wants you to do with it. Do they want you to use it to promote you, or the university? This one is obviously about you, and your life is made up of a lot of different things: Firework, school, etc. The scope for the UT blog might need to be more restrictive.

    I think you could restrict the UT blog to UT stuff, and include a link here. Or copy the UT blog articles here, if it won’t alienate your cookie recipe readers too much. For a successful blog, you need to consider the niche you’re serving and protecting the value added of each blog. Otherwise, you try to be everything to everybody (like Facebook).

    But they’re your blogs. Go with what you feel.



  3. Peaches

    Managing two blogs on wordpress under the same log-in is actually really simple. I have a professional one which is not at all linked to my personal one. For my purposes and profession, I wanted them separate, but it would be really easy to keep the two separate, but still have them easily linked.
    On WordPress, I think Widgets would be the best way to get what you are wanting out of both blogs, but that is my personal opinion. Just go look at the list of widgets available! It completely astounded me when I started rearranging my blog.

    You can post a permanent link to the professional blog here (and vise versa) and add your other blog to a blog roll so it shows up when you post something new. People who want both will still realize it is the same person posting but they can access the different facets of your life more succinctly this way.

    Two seperate blogs also allows you to make one blog private for a while if you need to without removing all your other writings.

    You can also add an archives widget that will help readers and yourself navigate older posts better.


  4. Lekki Frazier-Wood

    Thanks so much for all the feedback. I think I wasn’t clear: The UT blog (if I run with it) will be UT only. I am happy for people to google me and find out about my personal life (and do write mindfully knowing about that) but I don’t want it explicitly posted on my UT blog. So, I would not add a widget or a blogroll on my work blog for this blog.

    So, I guess my question was more: if I have to do have the UT blog, do I bother to copy and paste the UT stuff over here and if so how (or do I remove my academia posts from this blog entirely?)? Seeing as – to my surprise – many of my non academic friends actually enjoy the academic posts, it seems to a shame for them to disappear entirely from here: and Tony and Gabe seem to agree. Leave UT as UT only: but keep the info here too.

    The question is the best way to do that: kind of like a 2-way mirror. Links vs copy and paste vs blogroll. Peaches: my logins are different for the 2 blogs (One was set up by UT)… I am wondering if wordpress can ‘meld’ them for me? But I think Peaches has hit the nail on the head by saying that basically: the solution is out there. I just need to play around with what I am comfortable with.

    Thanks y’all for your thoughts. My blog(s) actually mean a lot to me, so I think about this stuff more than I should probably. Y’all were way nicer than Wes; when I told him my dilemma he said “Oh Lord, there is famine, and hunger, and out of control poor health in the US. WHY have you burdened me with 2 blogs to run?”. I threw my McDonald’s wrapper at him šŸ™‚


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