33 weeks!

33 weeks!

32 weeks here

Yes! “Officially” 7 weeks to go. And of course, 9 weeks max, as they will not let you go more than 2 weeks over your due date (which is probably a good policy…). So, within 9 weeks, I will be holding the wee one. Of course, I will technically be ‘full term’ in 4 weeks, which is quite scary, but I am thinking Firework may take him time coming out, so ~8 – 8.5 weeks is my guesstimate. Spread bets on the due date welcome: if you guess it correctly I might send you some chocolate πŸ™‚

Me: I am doing super well. Now my grants are in (well 2 are) I am not so tired. I sleep fairly well, and have little to no back pain. Huzzah. I am per-emptively seeing a chiropractor who specializes in The Webster Technique to help prevent any back problems, and to aid better baby positioning – basically because my wonky pelvis and excess fluid was likely to = a chance of staying breech or staying wonky. And also, because it is supposed to help open up my teeny, tiny pelvis and so reduce the chance of a C-section. Note that when I comment on this, I recognise that smaller-hipped women than me give birth all the time, and indeed, my hips are not that tiny. It is a reference to the shape of my pelvis more than anything, and the very personal comments several doctors / OBs have given me about the lack of room. I’ll leave that to your imagination, or see here for further (clean) details.

The only negative thing is that the extra fluid is adding to the pressure on my stomach that would normally be experienced. One of the most common reasons for being admitted to hospital with polyhydramnios is severe nausea, so I am getting away with it OK. I can taste stomach acid most of time time, and have gone back to feeling pretty nauseous. But it isn’t too bad: gum often helps, and at least I am not in hospital.

So overall, I feel very blessed to feel so very well. I seriously can sometimes forget that I am pregnant.

Firework: Firework is doing very well as well. We are still being monitored weekly because of all the extra fluid, and they can still find no reason for it. He passes every biophysical profile with 8/8 and today, his growth was right on target, in the 45th percentile (yes child, remember your Mummy’s narrow pelvis and stay just a little below average… yes… eeeeexcellent).

Oh, and he turned! It just took him a long while. He slowly (over a week) worked his way to transverse (head out one side, butt out the other). Then, over a week, we tried to turn head down (clearly this boy is like his father and takes his own sweet time to do what I need him to do πŸ˜‰ ). Then he got sort of ‘stuck’ with his head in the corner of my pelvis (probably due to its wonky shape) and maybe by luck, maybe by chance, but maybe due to the chiropractic adjustments (I like to think so, as my pelvis has changed shape dramatically), just after 2 session his head moved right down into its proper place. No more breech. And as an added bonus, my legs are no longer different lengths.

Fingers crossed he doesn’t rotate again πŸ™‚

It is a huge pain: a have an hour long scan each week, a 45 minute OB appointment each week, 3 chiropractor’s appointments, and now: a dermatologist’s appointment as my moles have gone ker-azy with pregnancy and the OB has decided this is now NOT NORMAL. Welcome to America. (Not a bad thing… I’m just sayin’). I weasel out of all the ones that I don’t feel too guilty about doing so (cue one of my all-time favourite Simpsons quotes:

), but it is still painfully time consuming. Still, can’t complain, being at the high-risk clinic, we get the fancy 4D scans, which means we get to see his face!! Or, we were supposed to. In reality, the past 2 weeks, Firework has both turned away and hidden his face with his hands. Leaving me to look like a terrible mother as I was completely confused at what I was seeing. Wes would shout “Oh look! A nose” and I would hunt and hunt… but see nothing but orange blur. Wes would then say “Awww… he has covered his face with his hands” and desperate to ‘fit in’ I would try to see something. I tried once, but my “Oh, is that his nose! In profile?” was met with a stony “No, that is your placenta, I am going to cut it out from the picture” by the nurse. Wes would look smug and talk biotech and I would lie there mumbling to myself. But really, honestly, could you have seen our baby in this?:

Firework at 32 weeks

See? Not so easy is it (except for for Wes… bleurgh). But then, success!! This week, he turned and let us see him! He looks just like his Dad – clearly has his nose and we both have big lips which you can see as clear as day! Here he is: our mini-Wes:

34 weeks

Amazing huh?

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