Sam – one month on

Happy 1 month birthday Sam!


It’s been a wonderful month with Sam, and I can’t believe how much longer and chunkier he is. Here is how he is doing:


The best milestone: his beautiful smiles. This morning his Dad was holding him when I came downstairs, and Sam gazed at me and gave me two very slow and purposeful smiles to elicit a reaction. I miss his smiles in the evening; we don’t see them then as he is too grumpy!

Early smile

Early smile

Recognizing his Mum and Dad is another one I am especially pleased with.

Sleeping in his own bed from the second night back (albeit only if wrapped in one of my very worn [i.e. smelly!] tops), and sleeping in his own room as soon as my Mum went back to England.

Wrapped in Mummy's top.

Wrapped in Mummy’s top.

First thanksgiving:


Meeting my parents:

Three generations of Woods

Three generations of Woods

Outings / travel: Not much so far. A few restaurant trips:

Men who lunch

Men who lunch

a few walks to our local park, and a morning trip to Hermann Memorial Park. I decided the walk would be ‘good’ for him, and he should experience different sounds and smells. This is how Sam spent the walk:

Not quite enjoying the park as planned...

Not quite enjoying the park as planned…

Favourite things to do:

Bath time! After screaming for the first 20 seconds of being put in a bath, it has rapidly become his favorite activity. I now bath with him, and he comes out of his baby bath and lays on my lap, kicking and splashing away. Good for calming the early evening grumps.

Bath time

Bath time

Shark towel to dry off

Shark towel to dry off

Mum’s favourite memories:

That feeling of ‘Oh my God, I have a son’


Early morning cuddles. Every morning, I go in to his room to do his 4/5 am feed and climb into bed with him in the nursery. He usually sleeps until 6.30 / 7 and then we play and have breakfast. He is in a good mood and it is the best time ever.

Early morning cuddles and play

Early morning cuddles and play

I will also remember how he yells when he sneezes: “Aaaah-choo”, but doesn’t realise when the sneeze is ending so will yell without a sneeze: “Aaaah” and look surprised when there is not a natural ending 🙂 Sadly he is growing out of that now.

Oh, and the odd tantrum so great, milk comes out of his nose…

Pull yourself together son.

Pull yourself together son.

I can’t believe the month has gone by already.

From this…


Frazier-16 To this…

One month today!

One month today!

One month

One month

3 thoughts on “Sam – one month on

  1. Peaches

    Your hubby looks less thrilled than your words. lol. I love the thanksgiving picture though. That outfit and bib are so cute and his eyes are crossed just a little. That pic will be great for girlfriends someday in the very very distant future.


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