Sam at 6 weeks

7 weeks - big boy now

7 weeks – big boy now

Happy 6 weeks Sam!

I originally intended to update Sam’s progress only every month, for the first year or so. But he has truly changed so much since the last update, it was hard to let it pass. 6 weeks seemed to be a major turning point, with many milestones, for Sam.

His smiles have become more plentiful, and although he recognized us before, he shows true pleasure to see him Mum or Dad now. He is starting to recognize and grin for set sounds as well, like the specific way I say “Hel-lo”. He can be distracted from boredom or grumpiness by us now and this seems the first stages of true interaction.

smiling 6 week old

Big smiles now

He can also come out of the house without fussing. When he was under 3 weeks, Sam could just fit in with our daily routine – sleeping when he needed to and only crying if his feeding schedule got messed up. At about 3 weeks this all changed, and he spent most of his time crying out of the house – even if well fed he would only be quiet if he was attached to the breast. It was as if he had reached a level of awareness where he could say “Hey – something is different. Things are unsettling and I don’t like it”. Wes and I didn’t mind, but family outings were a thing of the past – we would take turns going out with someone staying at home with Sam. Now, as long as he is fed and rested, he is fine to come out again, as if he has reached a new stage where he recognizes change, but is OK with it.

At Sweet Paris, a Houston creperie

At Sweet Paris, a Houston creperie

He is staring at objects now – for short periods. Wes says he has seen a few reachings for objects (I haven’t – sob! Sad side of a being a working mother) but we are not sure if they are accidental or deliberate yet. He also turns his head deliberately when he hears us. So rewarding!

Did I hear Mummy's voice?

Did I hear Mummy’s voice?

So, they seem like small changes, but Sam seems to have made a huge leap in terms of recognizing the outside world and interacting with it. It came at a price! From 3-6 weeks he was pretty fussy for stretches of time, when suddenly it passed.

Not too much more of this :)

Not too much more of this ๐Ÿ™‚ Just 4 weeks here.

I also packed up all his newborn clothes (AND ALL MY MATERNITY CLOTHES – Woo hoo – back in my regulars!), which was sad for a moment, but exciting when I saw all the awesome 0-3 month clothes awaiting him. My little dress-up doll ๐Ÿ™‚

He'll hate me for this outfit in a few year's time.

He’ll hate me for this outfit in a few year’s time.

Everything else is pretty much the same; sleeping 7-11-2-4-5-6-8.30. I still climb into bed with him, in his room, as that 4-5-6 waking schedule used to be his gassy time and he would crying in discomfort a lot. He has that much more sorted now read:He doesn’t need me! But I still climb in. We still snuggle. I will hold on to waking up with him by my side for a while yet.

Morning snuggles

Morning snuggles

Feeding is still on demand, as he is still exclusively breastfed, although as I move back to full time office life, I suspect he will be supplemented (I can only really pump every 2/3 hours in the office), and still feeding fairly haphazardly, with no real pattern. I guess a pattern will be more likely to emerge naturally then as he will take full bottles and not little ‘snacks’ like he does with me.

Milk coma

Milk coma

Parenting is still the greatest joy I have experienced. Every day I find a new way I love it, and a new way I feel I love Sam. He is such a good little sleeper that I am not tired (although I still go to bed at 9.30). Everything – even night feeds are just fun, fun, fun. My favorite times remain shared bath times, dressing him each day, playing with him in bed when he wakes up and dancing with him around our kitchen / living room.

One of our dances. Sam's getting into it!

One of our dances. Sam’s getting into it!

He’s my little buddy and, with his father, the world to me.

Lookin' sharp. It's what I do.

Lookin’ sharp. It’s what I do.

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