Christmas 2012

In the style of last year’s post, here is the blow-by-slow account of the Frazier-Wood Christmas day!

The day started when Sam woke at 1 am for his feed. Wes offered to go and ‘rock him back to sleep’, and although I was fairly sure this would be ineffective, I did not want to be overbearing, so I watched Wes go. At 1,38 Sam was bought back into our room as Wes realized he was hungry. Wes confessed that he really wanted to wake up with the 2 of us, and so suggested Sam slept in our bed. This was a treat and Christmas Day had begun!

In a very poor-parenting maneuver, Sam can basically feed himself if I lie on my side in bed and position him in a certain way. I usually do this from about 6 am to buy myself some extra shut eye, but must have done it when he came in, as the next thing I knew it was 8.30 am, and Sam and I were waking up. A 7 hours sleep = a Christmas miracle I was happy to take! I went down and put part of the breakfast on (Peaches and Cream French toast I had made the night before):

Peaches and Cream French toast

Peaches and Cream French toast

Luckily Santa has been (I think he was still around 😉 ):

Itlian Greyhound Father Christmas costume

Walter Claus

And we opened our stockings while the french toast cooked:


Wes got tools, belts, boy stuff, and I got hair bands, craft paint and nail polish: girl stuff 😉 Sam was pretty instrumental in helping me open mine:


The we poured mimosas and made the rest of breakfast. I whipped up my first ever, from scratch, biscuits and some bacon. Wes made eggs:


I chatted to my parents on Skype and we slowly opened presents throughout the day (last one was at 5 pm). I loved my sewing machine, baby food cook book and craft stuff, and a kindle and some earring from my parents.

Then I gaily went to prep the turkey before realizing…. I had zero idea how to prep a turkey. What was one to do? I took the wrapping off and called Wes to ask what the heck was this big red thing sticking out of the turkey. He removed the ‘nose’ (giggle giggle) and I declared the turkey ‘ready’. In response to Wes’ doubtful face I threw some butter in the cavity, and some salt in the cavity and on the skin and added pepper, garlic powder and poultry seasoning. I covered it in tin foil and popped it in the oven, poured myself another mimosa and we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. After 2 hours I went to put the potatoes in to cook, and realized that in spectacular fashion, the oven was not on (!) But the oven light was. Whoops. So, I actually put the oven on, started to actually cook the turkey and hurredly made a lunch out of breakfast leftovers. Oh well, this gave us time to open more presents! What I wanted to do was open Sam’s presents, but he spend most of the day like this:


and I am big fan of the adage ‘never wake a sleeping a baby’ (the advice to wake him after 3 hours of sleep never quite seemed advisable to me, and luckily not to my pediatrician either). So, Wes and I opened our presents without little Sam.

Then I prepared lunch; given that the last 7 weeks had been a little hectic, and that I had clearly never made Christmas lunch before, and had a newborn to care for, we kept it simple. Turkey, sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes and orange glazed carrots followed by apple streusal pie and red velvet cake.




It was all surprisingly delicious and seeing as we did not eat until 6 pm (I also read the chart wrong and mistimes the turkey by about 2 hours, so that took longer…) Sam joined us:


Then we got to open his presents (woo!… video to follow).



For only the second time in his little life, Sam was not down at 7 and for the first time, he was not down at 9. In fact, he chose the grand old time of 11 pm to go to sleep, although he didn’t cry or whine, just sat up and cooed and played, and periodically looked very sleepy:


As can happen with a baby, the day flew by and not as much got done as I would have thought. Nevertheless, it was a perfect Christmas 🙂

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