Running after Sam

Sexy running gear. I said: SEXY running gear, m'kay?

Sexy running gear. I said: SEXY running gear, m’kay?

Well, it took six weeks to get clearance after the great bleed of 2012, but I finally got the go ahead to go running. Part of me really wanted to get back at it… part of me really wanted to keep lying on the couch eating cookies and going ‘lalalalala, I just had a baby, I am supposed to look like this; lalalalalala, I lost so much blood it is not safe for me to get myself my own mimosa, let alone get my butt moving. lalalalalala’. Those parts were not evenly sized.

But… back out there I got. Initially, I planned a ‘test’ run. 2 miles to see how I would do. As I sanctimoniously said to everyone “I am just going to see what I can do… I mean obviously I don’t expect to be running at my old 8.30 pace or my old 11 mile distance… so I’ll just check I can do this before deciding on a training plan” I clearly, clearly, meant “I fully expect to be running at my old 8.30 pace and my old 11 mile distance”.

And took off.

I struggled my way at 10/mile pace for the 2 miles with a walking break.


But, I have persevered (if not with my previous zest and commitment, but I have persevered)… 1 week later I got down to not walking and going for 9/miles. Booyah.

Then, on the 26th I was feeling charitable and affectionate towards the wee one, so I decided to take him out in our “jogging” stroller. Baby trend expedition if anyone is interested. It is labelled as for jogging, but it not really – plus Sam is so wee we have to keep the car seat, the heavy car seat, in. I said “Obviously, I don’t expect to be pushing a heavy stroller and keeping my new pace” but I clearly meant… well… you get the picture. I google safety tips for taking a newborn jogging (<;—- totally do this), wrapped up Sam super warm as it was only just above freezing and off I went:

Double swaddle and warm hat

Ow. It was hard. Muscle achingly hard. My arms ached after ,5 mile as it takes quite a bit of welly to stop the stroller wobbling all over Houston’s crappy pavements (sidewalks, yanks) . Plus, given that the place for your hands is quite high, it also means you end up expending a lot of energy going up and down (stop sniggering at the back) not forward. But it was fun watching Sam.

Yeah... I am kind of cute to watch.

Yeah… I am kind of cute to watch.

My pace dropped to 9 min/mile.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend stroller jogging if you are interested in race training, and this is a speed / stamina run. However, if you just want to get out an burn some calories: go for it. Me? I am somewhere in between. Running fits in with a broader sport program for me, so I think I will take Sam out for short runs every 1-2 weeks. It will challenge and build my muscles, and may help with pace when I am less encumbered.

Now I have my eye on a 5K on the 1st… Wes won’t commit to coming with me as he is possibly going to be hungover, so my motivation has dropped a little. Also, I am not sure about taking a jogging stroller on a 5K race – anyone done it? Is it a problem? Does it annoy other runners? I get the feeling this is a fairly informal race (you can run or walk). I do really want to do it, but I don’t want to mess up anyone else’s experience, so may have to miss out. Makes me feel like this:

Learned how to pull at Mama's heartstrings indeed.

Learned how to pull at Mama’s heartstrings indeed.

Anyone else? Thoughts / experiences with taking a stroller to a race.

7 thoughts on “Running after Sam

  1. Chulwon Park

    As I have mentioned on your wall, I ran a 10K recently pushing a stroller. It was also informal, and there were people simultaneously running a 5K (the 10K was 5K course lapped twice). I was striving for negative splits, so I started out easy, from the very back, where the stroller-pushers start. As I began to pass other people, I have gotten some very interesting looks and double-takes, especially on uphills. I was getting the nods of respect from spectators, which were very encouraging. After the race, I’ve had several fellow racers come up to me and tell me that seeing me pushing the stroller and passing them gave them just the motivation they needed to push through and finish. Overall, it was a good experience. By no means did I come close to my PR, but I considered it a training race, with weights. So that said, I think you ought to go for it! If anything, it does make baby-free running seem like you’re just flying through the air.


  2. Lekki Frazier-Wood

    Thanks Chulwon for the detailed story. You’ve made me feel a lot more confident. I doubt I will overtake anyone, but it would be good training. And good motivation to keep going. Plus, races are just pain fun!


  3. Sarah

    You go girl! Do look after yourself though. Only problem with the stroller and the race is they might not allow it. That happened with me in the UK. Health and Safety, yada yada yada. Make me feel like its really time I got me some trainers after leaving mine in my mum and dads front porch two months ago now! Ooops! X


  4. Peaches

    I’ve only ever run one 5k (at least race style) and that was in Michigan but from my experience, lots of the runner would have LOVED to have wee one along. The ones I’ve covered as part of a news thing that were less than a half marathon have openly encouraged family participation and the kids are so much fun to see! I reckon you’d get lots of waves and smiles. As long as you stay more off to the side unless passing, the “super serious” runners can still get around you easily enough.

    Also, love your running outfit. Hotpink=sassy/awesome. And Sam is, as always, super cute.


  5. Lekki Frazier-Wood

    I am taking it super slow, I promise (if only because I am being forced to!). Thanks for the encouragement. it might have been just the thing to get me out for the run today too – TRYING to go 3 times a week…


  6. Lekki Frazier-Wood

    Hey Peaches, I used to ONLY run in hot pink and black. It was awesome. This more a ‘grab anything in hasty desperation’ outfit. OK, you’ve convinced me. As long as Tuesday is not a ‘Sam meltdown’ morning… which actually has never happened, so more like a ‘Lekki meltdown’ morning, I am going to at least go. They can always ask me not to run, and we’ll cheer people on. Thanks for the encouragement! I am excited now.


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