December 2012

This month I…

got back to running (yes!)… received flowers from my husband ‘Just because’… took Sam to see Santa… celebrated Sam’s first Christmas made my first full Christmas dinner… had a quiet New Year’s Eve with delicious food where we were so engrossed in SNL we missed the midnight stroke… made my first ‘home improvement project – a blind… had my dear friend Stella to stay… took Sam to the zoo… Baked up a storm with 2 types of awesome cupcakes (reindeer and santa) and some semi-successful Linzer cookies.

P1010367 P1010363 P1010303 P1010234 Giraffe P1010182 Linzer cookies P1010218 Jelyfish P1010121

Off for some zoo time

Off for some zoo time

Love Auntie Stella

Love Auntie Stella

Flowers 'just because' :)

Flowers ‘just because’ 🙂

Christmas Card 2012 IMG_0507 IMG_0576 Reindeer cupcakes


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