A Colour Scheme for my Study

My desire to redo the house has started to take fruition. Inspired by how nice Sam’s room is, and how dismally impersonal and cold the rest of the house is, I have in fact, started in full force. (Note: I tend to start everything in very full force).

Sorry to have this pic again, but I just love how peaceful and warm this room is.

Sorry to have this pic again, but I just love how peaceful and warm this room is.

I am starting with my study / play area (let’s face it: I play far more than I study…) so that I can experiment in a relatively private spot, without wrecking the visible spots of the house. The first thing I decided to do was decide on a color scheme, for, from there, all good creative things flow.

Previously I loved yellow. It was my favorite colour for all rooms: so bright and sunny, and so easy to accent. I think I was swayed by the cold wintery weather here in Houston, because I wanted something more warm and cosy and the word: autumnal kept coming to mind (another note: I do know that winter lasts all of 2 milliseconds in Houston and therefore it is foolish to build a room around winter feelings… but the current urge is too strong to ignore).

So, I decided chocolate brown would be my starting point. Then I needed an accent… powder blue & white & brown will probably be how our bedroom goes (inspired by my boppy).

Boppy. The cushion, not the child.

Boppy. The cushion, not the child.

Our bedroom is currently brown with leaf green and I have decided I HATE that, so that is out.

I hate this so much now. Except now I see this picture, when I quite like it.

I hate this so much now. Except now I see this picture, when I quite like it.

While looking online I became obsessed with this orange candle:

I can almost smell the pumpkin spice

I can almost smell the pumpkin spice

and thus, my accent color was born: burnt orange.

Yes. Brown and orange. I know what you are thinking. I googled ‘brown and orange rooms’ for inspiration and found phrases like ‘brave’ and ‘not often used’. I sat through Wesley’s earnest attempts to talk me into another color. I have seen people’s eyebrows raise sharply when I tell them. I know you are thinking ‘bit sixties… bit dated’.

Sadly I am now thinking them too, but… anyway…

Before I got to that stage of regret and woe, I decided that I needed a statement fabric to make a couple of blinds with. So off to Jo Ann’s I went. Surprisingly – surprisingly – they didn’t have a whole lot of brown and orange fabric. Anyone would think that colour combination was a bad idea… But, I did find this:


Which I bought. And I also bought some brown and orange craft paint to make accessories. And some scrapbooking things. And I didn’t sign up for my New Year’s Day 5K because they were having a sale in Jo Ann’s and I spent all my money. Boo.

And now, I am in regret and woe stage 2, because now I am home, and we tacked it up at a window, this doesn’t so much look like a funky statement fabric, but rather like something dragged out of an old people’s home. In Jo Ann’s the word ‘vintage’ sprung to mind. At home the words ‘horribly dated’ came forth. There were tears, and laughter, and then sort of tears-laughter.

Doesn't look any better from a distance...

Doesn’t look any better from a distance…

But now. Now there is resolution and determination. Dammit. I will MAKE this fabric work. I will put lots of chocolate brown around it – brown lettering on doors, brown seat covers, brown cushions (all homemade), and lots of autumnal woody accessories: wooden picture frames etc and the odd orange accessory (a button on a cushion, a candle, some orange accents on the letters) and I will MAKE IT LOOK AWESOME.

I like a challenge. But… I am still full of regret and woe at my fabric and color scheme choice. You know what is brown & orange? Lindt Intense Orange Chocolate. Which I am mournfully eating now as I glare dejectedly at my fabric. Any suggestions for working this into a room (this will be the blinds) most welcome. Or just any encouragement. Or any chocolate.

2 thoughts on “A Colour Scheme for my Study

  1. Judienne Wood

    If you really don’t like the blind why not make it into a couple of cushions covers – if you are up to it you could pipe the edges in say gold – that way you can make a new blind in say plain burn’t orange which will give a wonderful glow when the morning light comes. Remember I used to always line your curtains in a colour (usually peach) to give a nice glow in the mornings xxx


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