Dirty Saturday


This Saturday, Wes asked if I would watch Sam while he went to Home Depot and the Thrift Store. We could then have some lunch together, and he and Sam would snuggle up to the football. Pretty good exchange, so I said sure… if he bought be back something from the thrift store.

90 mins later Wes returned with a HUGE box of arts ‘n’ crafts!


Awesome. Β Both eager to see what was inside, we took the visible craft packets out and peeked underneath. It was the most immense amount of ribbon. Pretty cool, but not as exciting as we hoped. So we tackled the craft sundries.


The first one came out and I giggled and said, “Wes… I think these are pasties!”.


Much giggling ensued and, I investigated further. Lo, my husband had brought me back an enormous box of ribbon… and burlesque pasties. There were sexy animal print ones


Scottish ones:


Ones for the sporting enthusiast:


And even flashing light-up ones:


Quite a haul:


Of course, I said I would put them on for Wes and do a little dance:

Is this the look they were going for?

Is this the look they were going for?

Not sure that is what he’d hoped for πŸ˜‰

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