Best app ever?


I don’t generally ‘app’ – although I am impressed at my ability to use that word as a verb. But I am in love with Groovebook. The idea is simple: you pay $2.99 / month (currently only available to US peoples, sorry) and once a month they send you a photobook of your iPhone / iPad pictures – awesome, no? They either pick the first 100 you took, or you can choose 100 of your photos. If you didn’t take 100 you either get fewer photos, or you can just choose some from previous months.

Sounds great, but I skeptical. Well… Wes was. I trust everyone and everything. $2.99 for 100 photos? Delivered? I decided to give it a go… The user interface was dead easy – you just tap the pictures you want printed this month, and they become marked with a green tick. Hit ‘upload’ and boom – job done. I ordered my book on Saturday, and it arrived today, 4 working days later.

My Groovebook

My Groovebook

The book arrived with a grey, plastic cover which is nothing to write home about. The photos inside were of decent quality. I used my Ipad, and the camera is only .7 MP (how cruddy! I wish it wasn’t my main source of Sam pics now). I imagine if you used an iPhone (oh, I wish I had one) the pictures would be a lot better. They also come with a handy perforation for easy tear-out.


Honestly? I love it! I just wish my iPad had a better camera. Now, I am just left Jonsey-ing an iPhone and deciding if I should leave the book ‘as is’ as get a neat little collection of them, or whether I should rip out some of the photos to use the for frames / scrapbooking / relatives etc, but this will destroy the books.

If you’d like to give it a go, you can have your first book for free (no P&P even). Just use the code: Frazier-Wood1.

I don’t get any royalties / deals / free books, but you do 🙂

Btw – I learned about this app here from the blog Healthy Tipping Point. Thanks Caitlin!

4 thoughts on “Best app ever?

  1. Parag

    You can take pictures with a digital camera, transfer it to your photos album through itunes on your computer and then use the app. That should do the trick 🙂


  2. Alexis Frazier-Wood

    Yes, that is an awesome suggestion. I just seem to have my iPad to hand more than my camera. I think I can sort that out though 🙂


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    Tel: 713-500-9814

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