200 posts

Happy [200th post]  Birthday blog.

My 24th Birthday - 7 1/2 years ago!!

My 24th Birthday – 7 1/2 years ago!!

I love my little blog. I love writing it, and it satisfies my strange need to record things in my life (a little obsessively? Let’s see, I scrapbook, log my running, track my eating, keep hundreds of ‘memory boxes’. Maybe a little obsessively). I love being part of the ‘blogging community’ (and yes, there is one) and I also love being able to go and look back at photos and words from years ago. I periodically kept journals from childhood right through to adolescence and I guess this is a natural progression.

My 28th birthday.

My 28th birthday.

But, I also love how my blog has grown in the last 2 years. It used to be me, my Mum and Clio who read it. Now I have email 91 followers (not ALL immediate family 😉 ) and am referenced on several external websites. For example, The University of Illinois recommend my posts on writing grants, and New Mum recommended my posts on Polyhdramnios.

You can guess this one...

You can guess this one…

More than that, I love all the comments on my blog – I am far from my homes, and many friends, and I love sitting in Texas and chatting to y’all. Seriously, ask any blogger (no matter how small): comments for the win.

31st - Sam is technically in this one too :)

31st – Sam is technically in this one too 🙂

WordPress sent me this neat little summary of my 2012 blogging stats


Thanks everyone who reads – you keep me very happy x

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