Sam’s first food

Mmmm.... carrots

Mmmm…. carrots

Yay, we gave Sam his first food. Steamed carrot sticks. He loved them!

I don’t have much to say or any (unwanted?) advice to share… I didn’t read any books about feeding. Our pediatrician recommended 4 months, and the UK and my dietitian friends recommended 6 months. I did ask one friend for advice, but I figured it would happen somewhere in there: at the point I got bored of waiting, and / or too excited to wait any longer I fed Sam. 5 months, 1 week.

I heard about baby-led weaning, and liked the idea, but it all seemed way too much of a hassle since Wes and I do NOT eat baby-friendly food. Purees seemed unnecessary, at least for now while Sam has formula and is just getting used to the idea of food, although I think we will give some later on. Cereal too. Carrot sticks seemed nice and easy, and cheap. A sort of cross between fruit (sweet) and veggies.

This is a very dry post! It really wasn’t something I thought too much about. I will give a shout out to our baby food maker though. Clearly, not an essential, but so much easier than dragging out a saucepan and a sieve and so on. It was really easy to use and clean – and as it has an automatic shut off I could leave it running while Sam and I bathed. I even blended up the leftovers and froze them for a later date. Plus it was fun to use. I definitely recommend it.

Love our baby chef :)

Love our baby chef 🙂

So, the cute video below tells that story far better than my words but note:

-He actually swallows some (almost by mistake), doesn’t like the sensation immediately, but then his hunger piques – the increase in zest with which he attacks the carrots after eating some is funny.
-His incredible temper. He rarely cries, but when he does: 0-100 in .2 seconds. All from a dropped carrot. We are going to have a handful on our hands in a few months I think. He obviously gets this from his Dad 😉 .
-His love of food, and the need to hoover it all up as fast as possible at any cost – even that of etiquette. He gets this from his Mum.

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