A GIF of our own

It’s been way too long since I posted. All is well, I am just enjoying my new MRSA-free status and have not yet figured out a time to blog which fits arund Sam’s new schedule and my Candy Crush obsession (what? Hey, at least I am honest). Sam is barely the same child as in my last post given that he now talks and (almost) walks, we have a new addition to the family (4 legs not 2) and I have several gripes  helpful musings to share about academia.

I will write about them soon, but in the meantime, this was too ridiculous not to share – Wes and I have our own .gif courtesy of our wonderful church Ecclesia (also another post in the making). We thought it would be a still photo, so we didn’t manage to do something awesome (aside: when did I become the old person who didn’t understand the technology?). C

lick on the image to make it move.


Now… all we need is a suitable caption, worthy of Jezebel’s gif genius. Note, those gifs also deride Fox News and Religious conservatism, so that link serves many, many wonderful purposes.

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