Sam at 12 months

As I said before – Dwarficus is 1! The advent of his birthday came and went with little sentimentality. I thought I would be tearful that he is growing up, but Sam is just so much fun, and moving so quickly, I just love every passing milestone with him. When it gets better and better, you look forward, not back. So, I guess I don’t have much to say about the little one! He sleeps like a rockstar – I am pleased that for us, the pain of CIO was worth it. He will wake in the night once every couple of months for a top-up bottle, with which I am only happy to oblige. And he is growing like a weed! When born, his height and weight were about 37th percentile – odd for larger-than-average parents, but I did not eat that much in pregnancy so maybe…? Anyway, he has steadily climbed up the growth curve to 50th, then 85th, and is not off the charts for height (but 85th percentile for weight). Given my choice, I’d still be breastfeeding, so I am glad he is tall but not fat! 🙂

WHO growth chart

Sam’s growth chart

His words are coming along SLOWLY. We have just Mama, Dada, cat, dog, duck and George that are used reliably. And ‘tat’ when he gets something he wants – not sure if that is a ‘thank you’ or a general noise of satisfaction 😉 I am glad that when left to his own devices, Sam will finally settle down with books (often choosing books over other toys), otherwise pushing cars and trucks or just about anything with wheels (including my father on a chair!) is the order of the day. Putting shapes in holes is an easy task, putting rings on a post somewhat more elusive. Walking is possible but shunned, unless it speeds his travels towards food.


Ah food – a good motivator for Sam. He eats well, even in restaurants, where we get a good 30-45 mins peaceful eating time, then he is less reliable. Sushi is one of his favorite foods, and I try to bring it home for him often. And he learning to use a spoon! Just:

He is still a roly-poly, sociable, robust ball of fun. My friends remark that he just doesn’t fuss, but does laugh an awful lot. The joy of Sam cannot be described in words! This video perhaps does better (if you are interested, wait until 3/4 of the way trough for the screams of ‘I-just-can’t-stand-it-anymore’):

Sam and Wes are first in my prayers every night, and I thank God for them every day.

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