Making time for something fun


In the comments section of my last post, B wrote “I love that you incorporate fun stuff into your days despite how busy you are. I think it’s so important…”. It was interesting that was commented on , as it is something I have been very conscious of recently. My ultimate downtime activities are sewing, crafting, blogging and baking, but they have had a tendency to fall by the wayside recently.

We all have barriers to finding time to ourselves, and it’s not so much a matter of whose are bigger, less surmountable, or more noble. Rather it is figuring out what yours are, and whether and how you want to overcome them. In a post that started me thinking about seeking creative time, J wrote about her disability hindered her feeling that she deserved time to be crafty (crafts also being J’s “me time”). Its different for all of us, but guilt and tiredness are my barriers.


I get relatively little time with my son. If I get home at 6 and we have dinner until 6.30, it is just an hour to his bedtime. I realized that I experienced a certain amount of guilt every time I had non-work time and did not spend it with him. One evening I was sewing something on a deadline and I asked Wes to watch Sam. When I heard them giggling together I immediately felt like I had lost a bonding opportunity with my son and nearly stopped what I was doing. But something – perhaps J’s post – stopped me and I finished my project. My son still loved me, we still got quality time together, and I had done something fun.


Me asleep at my desk at 11 pm – picture snapped by a bemused husband

Work guilt also holds me back – there is an ever growing to-do list in an ever harder funding climate as I become more and more senior with less and less funding (that’s the short and somewhat dramatic version). That’s not going to change, and I know I have to fight it. But I have learned that there is a limit of what I can give outside of 9-5; 3 evenings a week and one good weekend day stint, and I’m probably spent. Realizing this has helped me enjoy my non work time.


Major tiredness contributor.

The other thing was tiredness – either physical (from my new fitness regime) or mental (see above picture for my working hours!). I used to think that I was only capable of zoning out into Facebook or TV. I’ve realized that a small craft project is just as relaxing, and that I feel much better afterwards. So, despite my Saturday morning gym routine, all Saturday afternoon and evening at work, and a 3-h drive to a rained out water park on Sunday, I still found time for the following ‘me’ activities this weekend:

Making Halloween packages to be posted to friends in Alabama:


Making pumpkin spice cupcakes to celebrate my MS student submitting her first (first-author!) paper:


And making a Thanksgiving onesie for Sam’s friend Hadley:


Oh, and time for a blog post written in the bath with a glass of wine 😉

How about you? I loved all the feedback on my Facebook break-up and health kick. What are your ‘me time’ activities? Do you find it easy to find time for them? What are your barriers if not? Share your ‘me projects’ with me!

6 thoughts on “Making time for something fun

  1. francesandrew

    Wowza. I’m impressed! This week we’re having a sleep-affecti g develop leap so me time gets thrown out the windrow but otherwise it started becoming essential to my sanity from about 18 months. Once a week out to zumba, ideally once a week madam goes to parents and I do something for myself. Saturday mornings I get to do something for 2-3 hours while dh takes madam out somewhere.


  2. gabinator

    You are amazing to fit all these things in. It is difficult to balance work, life (for others), and me time. I always have trouble with this. It is increasingly difficult now that my attention to my kids (living in a different state) is more virtual.


  3. Me Post author

    Yes! At least I can bring Sam along on some of my crafting adventures! It is hard to fit in, and at the end of the day you are saying “what can I sacrifice to do something for me?”, so it is hard…


  4. Me Post author

    Oh, well, it was actually a kit I got. I subscribe to Stampin Ups paper pumpkin – every month you get a complete crafting activity in the mail, that only takes about 30-60 mins to do. So it makes it easy to look crafty, when really I’m a dunce at all that 🙂

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  5. Me Post author

    Zumba is the best! I think it’s so great you have cornered out Saturday am to yourself – funnily enough that’s when Sam goes to the gym daycare so I have the same. I Zumba and then either work out more or sit in the spa with a magazine… Bliss…


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