Perfect moment


I am having a glass of wine and making Christmas cards.


Sam is doing puzzles on his iPad at my feet.


Wes is saving us all from the alien invasion.

There is something very beautiful, very serene, about each of us doing the thing that we love, as the dark chilly evening rolls in, blissfully in the same space.

A sort of being together in the being apart.

Love moments like this.

2 thoughts on “Perfect moment

  1. Chic in Academia

    Love this! Tonight was NOT one of those nights for us (two simultaneous meltdown’s from the 5- and 1-year old, plus a #1 accident from the fur-baby). Sigh. But, when they happen, I too love these moments in my life! 🙂


  2. Me Post author

    It’s so funny – the next day was not like that at all for us either. I wanted to blog about it – in the spirit of honesty, but got too swept up in the madness!


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