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Welcome Caroline Grace


I can’t believe I last posted at the end of the second trimester. Suffice to say that the third trimester was pretty tough and uncomfortable – although the nausea got better in the second try it never really abated and the exhaustion just seemed to build and build. So you’ve been saved a lot of moaning (which I feel guilty about knowing I have friends who would take anything to be pregnant) and I can just say that there was a great ending, since Caroline Grace joined our family at 3.54 am on October 11th. She was 5 days overdue, 19.5″ long and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz.


Just 4 hours old here

So far, she not only looks like Sam’s mini me, but acts like him too – very mellow. Rarely cries, and is easy to calm down when she does. Eats well, but sleeps deeply and is a late riser – like their Mum, neither of my kids really like the pre-8 am time.

Sam vs Caroline - guess which is which...

Sam vs Caroline – guess which is which…

In fact she sleeps so deeply and so long, I am worried about my milk supply – I am not the kind to wake a sleeping infant so we go 5h + stretches without feeding. Hmmm… I’ll pump occasionally but my Freemie pump, while convenient, does not seem as powerful as my old Medela (we have a Spectra on the way), so not too much comes out. Plus, (1) ain’t no way in heck I am waking up at night just to pump (I really do value sleep above all else!) and (2) I am always leery of pumping too much and then Caroline waking immediately and me being all “sorry, canteen is shut until new stock arrives…”. So for now I am just hoping her long sleep stretches from 12-4 and from 11-5 don’t cause problems down the road. I’d like to say that if we do have to switch to formula again, I’ll take it on the chin and remind myself that Sam went to all formula before 4 months and is happy, healthy, tall, slim, capable, loving and all that good stuff. But honestly, I know I’ll weep and wail and take it hard. So, I am hoping that we do build a good supply with her sleep habits.


Not much else to say about a newborn really… when awake, she seems very alert to me. She feels good, smells good, snuggles perfectly. Hates being put down – something I will work on (very gently) a little next week when our guest has left and I can get more of a routine going. She has Daddy absolutely wrapped around her little finger. Sam has mostly adapted very well, although that is clearly an ongoing process, and worthy of a post all on its won.


As is her birth story, which I was shocking and painful but ultimately healthy so we are all crazily grateful for that. I will write it up soon – I feast on other people’s birth stories so it is only fair to contribute 🙂

Until then we are going to keep enjoying a postpartum that is a whole world away from last time. Not to be too “basic” (am I using that correctly?) but we all feel very #blessed with how things went.